Gee, Bridal Craft Craziness

25 Jul

My sister is getting married in August, and I am the lone bridesmaid.  It’s kind of nice and laid back, but there are also lots of little odds and ends to be taken care of.

Last weekend was jam-packed with bridal fun as we celebrated with a bachelorette party on Saturday night, and a bridal shower on Sunday afternoon.

The Bride and Her Team

For the bachelorette celebration, we made our way to Camden Yards for another Orioles loss.  The good about having such a bad team and such an awesome stadium: tickets are cheap, so it makes for a good n’ affordable social event.  In preparation for the big night, my mother and I made “Team Bride” tanks with iron-on orange letters and plain black and gray tanks.  My sister, the bride, had her own “Bride” tank with glitter gold iron-on letters and a lil heart.  The drunken comments from onlookers were almost more entertaining than the game itself.  My personal favorite: “Gooooooooooooo MARRIAGE!”

A New Chapter: Shower Favors

The bridal shower was book-themed, seeing as my big sis is an avid reader (in cars, in the mall, at family get-togethers…you name it).  Since my sister’s wedding invitations feature whimsical fireflies and mason jars, we decided to play around that idea for the shower favors.  We took mason jars and inserted decals of her favorite book covers: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Sound and the Fury, Pride and Prejudice, and a few others.  We then placed little shortbread cookies and strawberry candies inside.  To cap them off, we glued ribbon around the edge of the cap and inserted a fun book fabric.  We attached a little book tag in honor of this new chapter in my sister’s life, complete with a little blurb about my sister’s engagement.  Although we were down to the wire in making them, they finally came together!  It doesn’t photograph that well, but in the afternoon sunlight, they really fit the occasion.


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