Gee, The Mad Premiere

26 Jul

Last night’s premiere of “Mad Men’s” fourth season did not disappoint, even with all of the hype.  From the intriguing new Joey character (maybe I’m just saying that because he’s quite the looker) to the swanky new office, there are a number of enticing changes this season.

The new offices are noticeably less open, facilitating the secrets that linger around every corner of the agency.

Betty is struggling for acceptance in Henry’s family.  Sally is toying with rebellion in the wake of her parents’ divorce.

Don’s apartment is dark and foreboding as he retreats deeper and deeper into his own problems.  I find it very telling that when asked by a reporter, “Who is Don Draper?,” he didn’t really know how to respond.  But WSJ’s Cheryl Berman hits the nail on the head in her recap for the “Speakeasy” blog:

“So is Don the devil? No. He’s just a very attractive, very well dressed guy you can’t hate too much because no matter what he does, you still want to believe in him.”

As usual, Tom & Lorenzo do a remarkable job of reviewing the fashion, the characters, and all the dirt.


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