Gee, Mad Habits

1 Aug

New episode of Mad Men in a little over an hour!  In honor of yet another hour of mystery and intrigue in the ad world, I thought I’d share an entertaining and fascinating article that I found on the Ad Age website.

Sexual rendezvous and drinking are commonplace on the job.  The crew at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have no qualms about throwing back a few liquor drinks during a typical day at the office to get the creative juices flowing.  It all adds to that sexy ambiance of the ad world…right?

Peter Madden of Ad Age decided to explore this office practice in the real world to discover “The Effects of a Three Martini Lunch on the Creative Process.”  You can probably guess how this experiment turns out in the real world: not so sexy.  But hey, there is no denying that Don Draper makes it look that way.  Mmmmmhmmmm…cheers to that.


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