Gee, It’s Time For Hump Day Jam!

4 Aug

Wednesdays can be pretty rough.  The weekend is in sight, but it is just out of reach.  This can be extremely disconcerting.  You may find yourself snapping at random strangers on the street, and sending spiteful e-mails to ex-lovers…but hopefully not.  Let’s just choose to take the glass half full perspective and think you’re SO close!  At least that’s the route that I’m gonna take.  Join me!

To help get over that little bump of a hump, I’ve decided that every Hump Day deserves a sweet and delectable jam to stay motivated all the way through Friday afternoon.  There’s nothing like a solid song to leave a sweet taste in your mouth through the rest of the week.

Today, that song is “Audience” by Cold War Kids.  The steady beat demands that you tap your feet, and lead singer Nathan Willett’s confident voice carries a contagious energy as he reiterates that, “We are playing for an audience of one.”

So as you struggle with the idea that the weekend might never get here, look within yourself for the strength to keep going.  Do it for yourself, even when no one else is watching and you are your only audience.  Come Friday night, you’ll feel that much better about kicking back with a glass of wine and some reruns of Law and Order, or going out on the town to hit the dance floor with your crazy pals.  Whatever strikes your fancy for a weekend wind-down, you will deserve it.  Let that savory jam linger.


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