Gee, I Kinda Miss Those Uniform Days

7 Aug

Oh those uniform days...

As I prepare to move back to campus for my last year of college, I am overwhelmed with the process of packing my clothes and taking inventory on my wardrobe.  Though I hate to admit it, I really do miss the days when I used to wear a uniform.  I went to a private all girls school for seven years.  I simply rolled out of bed and tossed on my green skirt and white polo without a thought.  Nowadays, I rummage through dozens of shirts and dresses and pairs of jeans in search of the right combination that will be comfortable yet cute.  It can really be a headache.  My sister can attest to the fact that I typically have to try on at least three different ensembles before I settle on one.

Believe me, I certainly did not appreciate the uniform when I was wearing it.  I craved the rare opportunities that I had to express myself through my outfits.  I wanted color and flare and excitement!  And I also wanted the strict teachers off of my back who were just itching to give me a detention whenever I threw on an out of uniform sweatshirt.

Since Baltimore is crawling with private schools, I had plenty of opportunities to compare academic garb throughout my private school experience.  We were pretty fortunate with our uniform style in a sea of drab plaid skirts and oddly shaped jumpers.  I will never forget the time that I went to a grocery store a good distance from my school while still in my school uniform.  The female cashier commented, “I really like your skirt!  That’s such a cute color!”  I bit my tongue to keep from laughing and replied, “Gee, Thanks.”

Ideally, my life’s wardrobe schedule would be a combination of the two: lazy day uniforms, and inspired day outfits.  Come to think of it, though, jeans and a t-shirt have essentially become my lazy day uniform.  But still, you get the idea.  The freedom of personal clothing style is a true treasure, but sometimes, a real burden.


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