Gee, Don’s The Man

10 Aug

In this week’s episode of Mad Men (“The Good News”), Don ventured back to LA to visit Mrs. Draper.  His good side shines through as he shows true concern for Mrs. Draper’s cancerous condition.  Dick’s sweet heart is in Don Draper’s hot body somewhere!

But just when I get my hopes up about Don/Dick having a soul, I face a major letdown.  Don and Lane have an unexpected bonding experience over the lonely holidays.  Personally, the demure and proper Lane was the last character I ever would have partnered with Don for his bad boy antics.  But alas, Don’s charms work their magic, and he gets the Brit businessman drunk and hires him a hooker.  A lovely influence, Mr. Draper.  It will be interesting to see where this bout of camaraderie will lead.

Whether you are male or female, there’s no denying the enchanting ways of Don Draper.  He is just too suave for words.  When I found this article entitled, “Don Draper’s 10 Lessons in Being a Man” on the Death + Taxes website, I couldn’t help but smile and think, “Bingo.”  Looking over the list of Don’s bad boy tendencies is truly comical.

Although Don is deceptive and his behaviors are less than admirable, I always want to see the good in him.  I want to believe in the compassionate Dick/Don/whoever is in there, but something always pulls this man down into the gutter of morality once again.

P.S. I am a huge fan, so I was overjoyed to find that they have e-cards just for Mad Men.  Amazing.


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