Gee, Florence’s Voice Ain’t So Mechanical

22 Sep

These days, I’m entranced by the sounds of Florence + the Machine.  This summer, my musical genius of a friend burned me a copy of the 2009 album, Lungs, and I was astonished to find that I actually enjoyed listening to the entire CD all the way through.  That, to me, is magical stuff.

While Florence’s most popular song at the moment is “Dog Days Are Over” (I highly recommend you check out the out-of-this-world music video), my favorite track is “Swimming.”  Florence Welch’s voice is positively chilling.  Its fullness gives the ethereal lyrics a heavy soul.  The tone of her voice is almost jazzy, carrying the melody beyond the alternative genre and into one all her own.

This free-spirited, fiery Brit may be on the verge of a breakthrough after performing on MTV’s Video Music Awards and even winning one herself.  It’s really no wonder, though.  The girl’s got Lungs.  My apologies for the cheeseball pun.

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