Gee, Childhood TV Boggles The Mind

25 Oct

Last night, a strange memory stirred within me.  I suddenly remembered that somewhere in my childhood, there was a big, comfy couch with a strange clown girl and talking dust mites.  And then it hit me – it was The Big Comfy Couch…a strange children’s television program that I had strategically pushed out of my mind.

It’s bizarre to look back and remember what we found entertaining as children.  At the age of six, I was captivated by this nonsensical show about the adventures of clown girl (Loonette is her name) and her dolly (Molly, of course) and the beings that lived in her couch.  I guess there were some educational elements thrown in about counting and friendship and whatnot.  As an adult, one would need a copious amounts of drugs to understand and embrace this show.  But as a child, it all made perfect sense.

Yeah, I thought that this was super cool:

And Wikipedia tells me that production of this Canadian gem of a show is ongoing after 17 years.  Thank goodness the crazy clown inspiration continues for new generations…


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