Gee, I’m Such A Pig Nerd

17 Nov

It’s true.  My room is covered in pig decor.  And I couldn’t help but squeal when I received a walking and wiggling pig toy for my birthday.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to acknowledge my inner-child and realize that I still appreciate the things that I did before Facebook and smartphones, no matter how weird they might be.  In a world of changing technologies and electronic noise, we’re still human.  Little things still warm our hearts.

Speaking of my piggy obsession, when I saw an ad for this on TV, I became a 6-year-old girl again, yelling at the TV for the toys I want (yes, I was constantly teased by my grandparents for my “I want that!” routine).

This is miraculous.  They even like to go shopping and say “LOL.”  I’m only half-joking about wanting one.  I’d much prefer a real one that oinks to communicate.


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