Gee, I want to be a WWDMAGIC Correspondent!

22 Jan
  1. How did you start your blog? What was the creative inspiration behind putting yourself out to the world?

    I started blogging while traveling in Europe for a semester in the fall of 2009, simply for the sake of letting my parents know that I was still alive.  I quickly discovered how therapeutic and exciting it was to write about my observations, opinions, and queries.  Upon my return, I had become addicted to blogging.  I started following a slew of blogs through my RSS feed including Tom and Lorenzo and Chictopia when inspiration struck: I decided to create a new blog catering to my interests in fashion, music, social media, and random musings.  Although my blog started out as a selfish indulgence, I came to realize that the feedback and discussions sparked by my posts were just as rewarding than the act of writing itself.  I love exploring other blogs for inspiration, and surfing the headlines for something that strikes me.  While it is sometimes difficult to be a diligent blogger  as a full-time college student, I relish in those moments when I can reflect and share my ideas with the blogosphere.
  2. From where you began to where you are now as an independent writer, what are three valuable things you’ve learned about your craft?
    – Blah. Blah. Blah.  You can’t just talk as a blogger.  You have to listen, too.  When my readers tell me that they really enjoy a post, I ask them why.  I use the feedback to improve and style my posts.
    Be original. You can’t just regurgitate what other bloggers and journalists are saying.  You have to use your own voice.
    Have fun with it. If I’m not having fun sharing my posts, then why would other people have fun reading them?
  3. What is your personal style?
    Comfortable and confident.  It doesn’t matter what the label says, as long as I feel like I can be myself and hold my head high while wearing it.  In terms of specifics, I’m partial to black leggings with long tunics and short dresses.  Also, I am absolutely addicted to boots.  I feel like I can strut my stuff and take on the world in a great pair of boots (favorite pair of the moment = Lucky Brand Chelsea Boots).
  4. What brands are you head over heels in love with?
    Beija-Flor Jeans.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover this local gem in good old Greenville, SC.  Not only are they flattering, but they feel incredible and they are made with high quality denim from Brazil.  Unlike most other jeans, slipping into them isn’t a chore, and I can wear them all day long.  If ever there was a clothing line to call luscious, this would be the one.
    Betsey JohnsonHer designs are bold and unique, and she’s not afraid of color.  There is so much life infused in the styles.  I wore one of her dresses to a formal dance last year.  It was fun and flirty and I loved it so much that I didn’t want to take it off! 

    Kensie.  The pieces are whimsical yet classy, and the offerings are extremely diverse.  I have a gorgeous black cocktail dress with crystal beading and ruffled detailing that is refined and sophisticated, and also a flowy black and purple patterned dress that is casual and cozy over black leggings.

  5. What are three of your favorite websites?
    The Cut.  The New York Times knows how to cover fashion.  From icons to the colors of the moment, the Cut Blog is all over it.
    Polyvore.  The destination for fashion exploration.  You can take items from your favorite collections (even if you can’t come close to affording them) and create an inspired vision of styled imagination.
    AdAge. I could honestly peruse through AdAge for hours.  From insightful cultural discussions to stunning print ads, the site delves into the brands and messages that infiltrate our lives and get under our skin.
  6. Who are three people you love to follow on twitter?
    @tomandlorenzo …This quirky pair is always on the ball.  They keep up with the latest shows, the hottest gossip, and the most irresistible styles.  And they don’t shy away from sharing their ideas, not matter how bold.
    @stylesalt …Fresh designers, styles, and fashionable insights.
    @refinery29 …They don’t just tweet the runway news.  They highlight everyday street styles (like the hottest subway fashion in NYC…who knew?!), and even update followers on great sales and freebies.  It’s a treasure trove of a Twitter account.
  7. What do you hope to gain from attending WWDMAGIC?

    WWDMAGIC is, in a word, magical.  It’s the place to be to soak up the fashion culture, and to indulge in the artistic passions of the industry.  By attending WWDMAGIC, I would gain a better understanding of not only where the fashion industry is now, but an insight into where it is going in the future.  I would hope to learn what inspires people, and what unites us as fashion fans, and to explore the realms of communication.  The beauty of fashion is that it brings people together across geographical, religious, political, cultural, ethnic boundaries.  Fashion celebrates that fact that the imagination has no limits.  That force is truly MAGIC.

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