Gee, Clap Along To This Jam

15 Jun

Pearl and the Beard‘s jam “Sweetness” is utterly contagious with its steady clapping beat and melodic chords. I especially love the trio’s combination of strong male and female vocals. It’s upbeat and fun with just enough edge. A great middle-of-the-week pick-me-up. The captivating rhythm has the power to send you from hand-clapping to jumping around your room without a care in the world.

At the very least, this tune might make you want to adopt “Sweetness” as a pet name for your significant other. Cute? Nauseating? Awesome.

I strongly encourage you to visit Pearl and the Beard’s website. To top off their musical talents, they seem like a fun bunch. Their “About” section concludes with a statement that says it all: “Pearl and the Beard loves you the way you’ve always been.” I dig it.


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