Gee, What Makes A Runner?

3 Aug

Growing up, I hated running. I found it torturous, monotonous, and frustrating. But somewhere between high school and college, I made peace with running.

I began running on a daily basis with my father during the summers. In doing so, running started to feel less like a chore and more like a therapy session. It doesn’t necessarily feel wonderful every time I hit the pavement, but the release of stress is a consistent sensation every time I finish up a good run. Yet I still have to ask myself: am I a runner?

Pondering my own status got me thinking: when and how does one become a runner? Is it when a pair of running shoes is purchased? Or a first race is run? How many times a week/month do you have to run to be a runner? Is there an international standard, or is it a personal definition?

Today, I’m a runner because I want to run. Don’t ask me why.


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