Gee, Check Out My Fingernail Canvas

17 Oct


Forget the blah and boring french manicure. These days, nail decor is the new thing. From dazzling glitter to bold patterns, nails across the world are pushing the envelope and catching eyes.

Painting my nails in new and different ways has become something of an obsession for me. I admit it – I get bored very easily. I love changing up my wardrobe and coloring my hair. The art of nail polishing is a relatively cheap way for me to indulge in my desire for change and spice up any outfit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trendy fashion site Refinery29 is my go-to for nail design tricks (and much more). I’ve already tried out a few of their suggested designs displayed in a do-it-yourself slideshow. I invested in a few thin brush nail polish colors to accomplish the looks. My nails definitely don’t look as perfect as the ones pictures on the site, but from far away they look good enough. I figure my hands will only get steadier with practice. It is an artful practice, after all.


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