Gee, Why Do Fanny Packs Get A Bad Rap?

4 Oct

They are practical. Pretty. Convenient. Magical. What’s not to love about fanny packs?

I recently attended the legendary “Music Midtown” – a stupendous music festival featuring an array of talented artists jammin’ out in Atlanta’s beautiful Piedmont Park. As soon as I got wind of the lineup including Florence & the Machine, Ludacris, and Girl Talk, I was on board. I bought my ticket months in advance.

With my ticket secured, the next step was a no-brainer: purchase a fanny pack. But for some reason, my friends didn’t share my enthusiasm about my sweet new accessory. When I excitedly gushed to my friends, I was met with giggles and criticism. I was told that fanny packs are weird, outdated, and stupid.

Au contraire. It was one of the most brilliant investments that I have ever made. The pack held my ticket, money, cards, phone, snacks…I was totally set. I waved my hands without a care in the world when Luda brought the house down with his masterful performance of “What’s Your Fantasy“. I literally “Shook It Out” to Flo’s set.

Not only was I able to frolic hands free throughout the day, but I will undoubtedly use my precious pack for years to come. Festivals, concerts, afternoon hikes, nights on the town…oh yeah. I’m a fanny fan.


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