Gee, Stumble Into Inspiration

7 Jul

One of my favorite things in the world? Stumbling upon random musings of unexpected inspiration.

When I was in New York City a few weeks ago for Governor’s Ball, I found some prime pieces of thought-provoking messaging. It’s no surprise, really – the city is all about self-expression and creativity. People don’t hold back when they have thoughts and ideas and opinions. No filters here (except on Instagram because goodness gracious those New York hipsters love their Instagram…and so do I).

Here are two gems from my trip to the Big Apple that I just had to share…



This one appeared on the back of the bathroom door at Commonwealth in Brooklyn. I appreciate that the establishment encourages commentary in the WC. I find this message particularly refreshing. I like to see people sticking up for Granma.

What do bums do?

What do bums do?

I enjoy that this wall graffiti located by a Brooklyn subway stop incorporates dialogue. What do bums do? We all have our own opinions. And some of us are lucky enough to have a marker handy to join the visual conversation. Touché.


One Response to “Gee, Stumble Into Inspiration”

  1. Aaron T. July 26, 2013 at 2:10 am #

    That’s why I, personally, never go to the restroom without a marker (and a beer)!

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