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Gee, Where Did The Summer Go?

8 Sep

So we didn’t have much of a summer here in Atlanta with week after week of rainy weather. The fall snuck up on us, and suddenly pumpkin spice is available at Starbucks (love the new #PSL campaign, by the way), the Ravens are back on the field, and the kiddos are back in school. And Christmas is tomorrow. Well, not quite, but it sure will feel that way.

Bohzie girl - superstar chug and latest addition!

Bohzie girl – superstar chug and latest addition!

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front as my life has been a bit chaotic and full of change – in some very good and exciting ways! From my new job to my new pup, I have certainly had my hands full. But I hope to jump back on the blog train and share more art, music, and life musings.

The purpose of today’s post: to introduce you to my new little shop on Society 6!

Available for purchase on Society 6!

Available for purchase on Society 6!

My collage art has always been my therapy, and I love creating custom pieces to share and gift to family and friends. With my Society 6 shop, I can now share these pieces with the world. I only have two up so far, but I hope to be adding more in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out!


Gee, Here’s A Little Encouragement To Seize The Day

20 Mar

photo (15)

Emily Dickinson’s wise words: “Forever is composed of nows.”

Create your forever by seizing the nows, and making the most of each one. Don’t put off taking that trip to Malaysia or writing that novel or calling up that friend or learning to play that instrument or climbing that mountain. Own your nows.

Thanks for that kick in the butt, Em.

Gee, You Can’t Beat Homemade Heartwork

14 Feb heartwork

Skip the Hallmark store this Valentine’s Day…

All you need: a pair of scissors, a glue stick, some magazines, a little imagination, and a lot of heart.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

P.S. Follow me on Instagram for more love-worthy snapshots. xoxox

Gee, Style Says It All

26 Feb

Style Collage

My latest collage sums up the power of fashion: “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” I partnered the statement with bold colors and classic images to give the words more power. It’s amazing just how powerful style is. It makes the introduction before a word is spoken. It can make you, and it can, unfortunately, break you. You can’t overthink it or you’ll betray your natural  character. Let your style speak up.

Gee, This Year Was A Hallo-Win

1 Nov

Growing up, Halloween had a magical quality to it. Every year when October rolled around, I would have a month long countdown to costumes and candy. My mother devoted hours of time and energy to constructing just the costumes that my sister and I wanted, and my dad guided us through the ritual pumpkin carving process.

My dear mother's Belle costume creation from Beauty and the Beast.

But as I abandoned trick-or-treating in my middle school years, the Halloween magic dwindled. I didn’t put much effort into creating my costumes throughout high school and college. My anticipation for the holiday all but disappeared. I might attend a get together with friends, but I never “went all out” like I did in my childhood years.

My Queen of Hearts getup.

This year, however, Halloween made an epic comeback. My roommate Kelsey and I decided to get crafty and put some real effort into our costumes…and it truly renewed my appreciation for the holiday. I created my own version of the Queen of Hearts, and Kelsey took on the Cheshire Cat. I even busted out my new sewing machine for the first time to attach fabric hearts to my dress! A big crafting milestone.

Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts with ScoutMob party waivers.

We debuted our costumes at an amazing ScoutMob Halloween bash at the Goat Farm in Atlanta. The quirky party featured distorted dancers, eerie musicians, a haunted house, a Smilebooth, and so much more. Seeing so many unique and creative costumes fueled my enthusiasm about the Halloween holiday.

It comes down to this: when you put time, effort, and a little heart into the festivities, you can see the day in a whole new light.

Gee, Crafting Gets Sentimental

8 Sep








I am a big believer in combining quotes and crafts. It really is a beautiful thing. Whenever a loved one has a birthday, I turn to crafting to present them with a personal and unique gift.

I decided to collage a little plaque just for one of my best friends for her recent birthday. She was my first college roommate, and we clicked from the moment we met. Although we have scattered to different dwellings, we are still extremely close.

In my search for a good quotation to use for her birthday plaque, I stumbled upon the line, “Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent.” A perfect fit.

The fun part about crafting a gift is that you can mold it to fit the recipient in a way that a gift card simply can’t. My gifting tip: think outside the box, and make a gift that comes from within.



Gee, New Fashion Channels Classic Beauty

6 Jul

Collaging is my all time favorite hobby. It not only indulges my love for fashion, but it feeds my creative energy. What could be better?

With this collage, I highlighted soft, rosy pinks with a contrast of dark grays and greens. The focal images are strikingly similar in subtle ways. I love how the quirky, modern sunglasses evoke a classic femininity and elegance matched in the female portrait on the right.

Keep your eyes open – you never know when fashionpiration will strike.