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Gee, Check Out My Fingernail Canvas

17 Oct


Forget the blah and boring french manicure. These days, nail decor is the new thing. From dazzling glitter to bold patterns, nails across the world are pushing the envelope and catching eyes.

Painting my nails in new and different ways has become something of an obsession for me. I admit it – I get bored very easily. I love changing up my wardrobe and coloring my hair. The art of nail polishing is a relatively cheap way for me to indulge in my desire for change and spice up any outfit.

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Trendy fashion site Refinery29 is my go-to for nail design tricks (and much more). I’ve already tried out a few of their suggested designs displayed in a do-it-yourself slideshow. I invested in a few thin brush nail polish colors to accomplish the looks. My nails definitely don’t look as perfect as the ones pictures on the site, but from far away they look good enough. I figure my hands will only get steadier with practice. It is an artful practice, after all.


Gee, Toms Certainly Make For Happy Feet

14 Aug

Last Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of glittery black Toms inside one of my carefully wrapped gift packages. I had no idea such a sensational shoe existed!

I first discovered the magic of Toms a few years ago when I purchased a plaid pair of the One for One shoes. I instantly fell in love with the comfy cuteness of the socially conscious shoes. But this new glittery pair? It took my appreciation to a whole other level.

I slip into my glittery black Toms just about every day, and I get at least one, “Ooooh I love your Toms!” every time I do. They catch your eye while keeping your toesies cozy. They are practical yet precious. What more could you possibly ask for in a shoe?

I’m so in love, I might have to take the plunge and go for pair number three.

Gee, Has Puppy Love Gone Too Far?

11 Jun

Driving down Peachtree on a sunny Thursday afternoon, I was stunned, confused, and horrified to see a young woman, pushing her bulldog in a pink stroller. Yes, a stroller.

I did a little research and found that there are, in fact, websites devoted to purchasing the perfect stroller for your pup. Oh and don’t you worry, feline fans – there are kitty strollers, too! The pet strollers cost anywhere from $100-$300. Even Jeep has jumped on the pet wagon with some of their own stroller designs (although one website claims it has sadly been discontinued).

I positively adore dogs and animals, but this is just too much. I firmly believe that there are far more productive ways to channel your funds and affection than this little gizmo.

Perhaps it’s somewhat practical for an older pooch with limited mobility, but otherwise it is just lazy. Isn’t it harming rather than hurting your furry friend to deprive them of exercise? I’m sure we’ll hear about the American pet obesity epidemic before too long.

Gee, Is This Some Kind of Joke?

16 Mar

Because it’s not a very funny one.  How in the world could this mindless video and lyrical blunder slip through the cracks and pass for musical talent with nearly 10,000,000 views on YouTube?  Rebecca Black – Who are you?  As if Justin Bieber wasn’t punishment enough.

This Mashable article says it all.  She’s trending on Twitter, had a feature on Tosh.0, and it is bizarrely terrifying.  Oh. The horror.

Gee, Those Are Someecards

15 Feb

They’ve been around for years, but I am still obsessed.  The someecards website has the wittiest ecards that poke fun of celebrities and human kind alike.  The unassuming images of the vintage characters on the cards make the hysterical musings exponentially more entertaining.  The site even allows users to submit their own ecards which can be just as good as the site’s classics.  And get this: they’re FREE to send!  Which is much more than I can say for a lot of ecard sites these days.

The site has become so popular that they even sell their ecards in tangible gift form (i.e. shirts, mugs, magnets, etc.).

This Valentine’s Day, I spent nearly an hour perusing the site and laughing out loud at the cards devoted to the delightful day of love and affection.  My personal favorite poked fun at my least favorite team in the NFL:

What’s even better is that there are cards for the average day.  I’m especially fond of the ones that poke fun at our bizarre social media habits:

So if you’re looking for a good pick-me-up form of procrastination, I highly recommend you visit the site and share the love.

Gee, I’m a Groupon Groupie

1 Dec

It’s true. Well, Groupon and LivingSocial groupie.  I am on board the daily deal wagon, and I’m lovin’ the ride.

A few weeks ago, I invested in my first daily deal through LivingSocial: 20 hot yoga classes at Southern Om for only 20 BUCKS.  Each individual class is normally $12, so if I only go twice, I’m still a winner.  It’s insane, to say the least.

Some of the deals are not so enticing (i.e. the featured shooting range package a while back), but they change every day so I’m bound to crave at least one a week…but I keep it in check.

My mom and I got sucked into the Nordstrom Rack Groupon last week: $50 in store credit for just $25.  Let’s just say when I arrived home to Baltimore for Thanksgiving break, we did some damage.  And it was heavenly.

In these times of economic struggles and high unemployment rates, deal sites are big business.  You know you’ve struck gold when Google wants to scoop you up…kudos, Groupon!  I can’t wait to see how these sites evolve in the coming weeks/months/years.

Gee, I’m Such A Pig Nerd

17 Nov

It’s true.  My room is covered in pig decor.  And I couldn’t help but squeal when I received a walking and wiggling pig toy for my birthday.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to acknowledge my inner-child and realize that I still appreciate the things that I did before Facebook and smartphones, no matter how weird they might be.  In a world of changing technologies and electronic noise, we’re still human.  Little things still warm our hearts.

Speaking of my piggy obsession, when I saw an ad for this on TV, I became a 6-year-old girl again, yelling at the TV for the toys I want (yes, I was constantly teased by my grandparents for my “I want that!” routine).

This is miraculous.  They even like to go shopping and say “LOL.”  I’m only half-joking about wanting one.  I’d much prefer a real one that oinks to communicate.