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Gee, Let’s Cue The Feel-Good Tune

30 Jan

Tornado warnings/watches, blustery winds, and wet weather tore through the ATL today. The air was thick, gloomy, and slightly chaotic. Such a day undoubtedly calls for a good pick-me-up.

Cue the feel-good tune from a Fine Frenzy. A few months ago, Kelsey and I saw Joshua Radin in concert. We were pretty pumped to see our favorite Simon and Garfunkel-esque singer/songwriter perform live, but we were equally delighted with the performance from his opening lady Alison Sudol (aka a Fine Frenzy). She’s bubbly, energetic, and carefree. The best performance of the set? Her single “Now Is The Start“. She was all smiles, glowing and alive as she bounced around the stage and encouraged the crowd to join in.



On a gray and dreary day like today, I felt that this song would be just the thing to lift spirits and shine some positive vibes through the negative gloom. Listen, smile, and soak it in.

Gee, Can’t Resist Those Karaoke Classics

21 Jul

Last night, my dear friend Kelsey and I decided to hit up Little 5 Points with our favorite trivia host to check out the karaoke at Little 5 Corner Tavern. For Kelsey and me, this was our big debut on the Atlanta karaoke scene, and we had no idea what to expect. What we did know was exactly what we wanted to sing.

There are those songs that you just feel in your heart. They are tried and true. They are the ones that you belt out in your car without a care in the world, feeling like a bonafide superstar. They may not sound as good to you in public as they do in the cozy comfort of your four-wheeled cocoon, but these tunes still give you an inexplicable boost of confidence. Those girly jams that shaped you in  your formative years. Oh yes. We went there. We made three top notch selections.

First up: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. It’s upbeat, girly, spirited, optimistic. So full of hope and love. How can you resist that glorious piano?


Next: “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. I still remember watching a behind the scenes documentary on the filming of this music video in the desert. And of course, I still know ever word by heart. With this one, we had a true girl power moment.


Big finale: “Teardrops On My Guitar” by Taylor Swift. This one was actually a bit tougher than we thought it would be – especially since the teleprompter was lagging behind. It’s one where I didn’t know the words quite as well as I thought I did. It’s a real heart-wrenching piece of T. Swift magic, but next time I think we’re gonna go for “You Belong With Me.” Oh yes – there will be a next time. And the girly classics will emerge once again.

Gee, I’m Taking This Monday Under Cover

30 Apr

It’s about time I make a comeback. Sometimes my bloggery just falls by the wayside in the chaos of life. But no matter how hectic things get, I always make time for music to keep me breathing. So today, I’ll indulge myself and my readers with a sweet little cover song.

David Gray‘s “Babylon” is a remarkable tune in and of itself. The electronic sound of the instrumentals is unique and catchy. The song has become a classic in the realm of alternative music.

But Nina Nesbitt spins the entrancing song into a soothing melody. She strips away the background noise in a sweet acoustic version that is lullaby-esque. Close your eyes, take it in, and treat yourself for making it through another Monday.

Gee, Let’s Get Naked And Famous

1 Apr

Not literally. But I do encourage you to get into the music of “the Naked and Famous” – an indie rock band from New Zealand. Their songs have been featured in popular shows such as the Vampire Diaries. But this band produces songs that amount to much more than a good soundtrack. Their 2010 album Passive Me, Aggressive You showcases a mesmerizing variety of songs for every mood. You can cry and reflect while listening to “No Way,” and dance like a maniac to “Punching in a Dream.”

Last night, I ventured to Athens, GA with two of my friends to see the band play live at the 40 Watt. It was therapeutic to take in the melodies and just sway to the rhythm of their electro pop tunes. From the slow and haunting sounds of “Jilted Lovers” to the adrenaline-boosting beats of “Young Blood,” they delivered a spectacular performance from start to finish. The music came alive with the flashing neon lights. The show was nothing short of an invigorating experience.

You know you’ve seen an amazing concert when you can sincerely refer to it as an experience.

Gee, First Aid Kit Cures Opening Band Blues

15 Feb

Most of us have suffered through opening band blues at some point. You head out to see your favorite band perform. Anticipation is high, and you arrive an hour early, general admission ticket clutched in hand, just so you can get as close as physically possible to your musical inspiration. But then…the opening band comes on. You are less than impressed, and the set drags on for what seems like hours. You suck it up and figure it’s the price you pay to get to the epic climax of the night, but you feel slightly bummed and anxious.

Every once in a while, however, you make a harmonious connection with a wonderful gem of an opening act…

The one thing that I love more than seeing one of my favorite artists in concert is falling for the opening band at said concert. When I went to see the magnificent Lykke Li perform at the Buckhead Theatre back in November, I told myself to prepare for the blues and not get my expectations too high for this opening act. I’ve been disappointed a time too many, after all.

The unassuming duo known as “First Aid Kit” waltzed onto the stage with their long locks and hippy spirit to strum out some dreamy and folksy tunes. The melodies were mesmerizingly sweet, but one song in particular struck a chord with me. “Emmylou” hits all the sweet spots of classic American folk music with the lyrics, “I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June, if you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny, too” (a tribute to the classic couples Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, and June Carter and Johnny Cash).

After being exposed to this gem of an opening band, I’m not surprised that their new album “The Lion’s Roar” hit number one in their Swedish homeland. Thanks, First Aid Kit, for restoring my faith in opening band potential.

Gee, It Feels Good to Go Retro

31 Jan

You know those songs that dominated the radio during your youth and essentially became part of your life’s soundtrack? You complain about them, but secretly adore them. They are strongly tied to your memories: sugary and sweet, embarrassing yet endearing.

My roommate and I decided to revisit some of those classics the other day. The lyrics are corny, and the beats are pretty basic. But they tug at the heartstrings purely because of the memories that they conjure up.

Cleopatra…comin’ atcha. They fueled my dream to become a pop group superstar. Disney Channel promoted them like crazy, so of course I gave in and bought their album. I had no idea that they were still goin’ strong these days!

Hilary Duff. Oh yes. Let that rain fall down. We made fun of it, but were totally jealous of her when it became the theme song for that show we pretended to hate…Laguna Beach.

We grew up with these silly songs. We loved to hate them, but really just hated to love them like we did.

My advice: indulge in some of those guilty pleasure songs from yesteryear. Dance like a fool with some of your comrades. It feels so horribly good.

Gee, It’s Time For A Mellow Winter Tune

4 Jan

In this post-holiday slump, all I want to do is hibernate. I pull the covers over my head and wonder where the Christmas cheer has gone. The calming sound of the band Slow Runner captures the mood of this slow and sweet time of year. I feel energized by the promise of a fresh start, yet exhausted from the holiday rush.

I first discovered this band a few years ago when I attended a Jay Clifford concert in Asheville, NC. I was intrigued by this opening band, and I have continued to listen to their music. It’s the kind of music that just feels like an old friend when you hear it. It is comfortable and cool. Take a listen.