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Gee, ScoutMob Is The Cool Kid Of Deal Sites

25 Oct

It’s true. I want to be best friends with Scoutmob.

Since moving to the ATL, I have scoured the deal sites in a desperate attempt to save pennies where I can. I quickly found that there are a plethora of daily deal sites out there (which is a beautiful thing for a recent college grad like myself), yet they all run together in a monotonous blur of mindless offers that are mostly irrelevant to me. Enter Scoutmob.

Scoutmob breaks the mold with its cheeky personality and interactive features. That’s right, this site actually has a personality. Not only do the Scoutmobsters offer you amazing deals around your respective city, but they give you local tips and entice you with featured area events and articles. Their mobile app provides deals to restaurants all across the city that you actually want to go to. Also, I am quite smitten with Scoutmob‘s weekly “Caption This” contest. It serves as a great distraction during the work week.

The Scoutmob deal descriptions will literally make you laugh out loud. Take today’s deal for McKinnon’s restaurant, for instance: “After forty years (that’s approximately a century and a half in Atlanta restaurant years) of serving Creole and Cajun classics to multiple generations, McKinnon’s has changed very little.” Boo ya.

To top it all off, Scoutmob rewards those members who spread the Scoutmob love by offering exclusive deals to those who share Scoutmobbery with family, friends, and meaningless acquaintances. They have dubbed this the “Revel” program, and it has become a personal goal of mine to attain those perks.

I could go on for days about my appreciation for this stellar site. From the sarcastic wit to the money-saving mayhem, Scoutmob takes the deal site to a whole new level. And I am officially in love. And did I mention that their signature thing is a mighty old school mustache? Can’t beat that.

Gee, Check Out My Fingernail Canvas

17 Oct


Forget the blah and boring french manicure. These days, nail decor is the new thing. From dazzling glitter to bold patterns, nails across the world are pushing the envelope and catching eyes.

Painting my nails in new and different ways has become something of an obsession for me. I admit it – I get bored very easily. I love changing up my wardrobe and coloring my hair. The art of nail polishing is a relatively cheap way for me to indulge in my desire for change and spice up any outfit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trendy fashion site Refinery29 is my go-to for nail design tricks (and much more). I’ve already tried out a few of their suggested designs displayed in a do-it-yourself slideshow. I invested in a few thin brush nail polish colors to accomplish the looks. My nails definitely don’t look as perfect as the ones pictures on the site, but from far away they look good enough. I figure my hands will only get steadier with practice. It is an artful practice, after all.

Gee, Klout Calculates Cool Points

30 Sep

At a company meeting yesterday, our in-house social media guru brought up the topic of “Klout” scores. She explained that Klout determines your social media influence on a point scale from 1 to 100.

According to their website, “The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:

  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your network”

I was surprised to learn that Klout has been around since 2008, but it has yet to catch on. How has its addictive appeal not combined with the global social media obsession to become a sensation? Perhaps because their appears to be no rhyme or reason to the scoring criteria.

With Klout, your influential score is constantly changing. Last night I had a score of 34, yet this morning it  plummeted to a measly 31. I was pretty discouraged with the drop. I did not significantly change my social media habits in 12 hours. If anything, I threw out some extra Tweets before bed in an attempt to boost my score.

Although checking my points is addictive, it’s also frustrating. I want to know exactly what makes you lose social media status so abruptly. Klout is cool in theory, but its execution is too mysterious for my liking.

Gee, Missoni Conquers Target

15 Sep

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, Target stores across the country were hit with what can only be described as Missoni Madness. If you blinked, you may have missed it. The renowned Italian designer premiered their exclusive line for Target featuring everything from bright and stripy jumpsuits to stationary.

Missoni for Target...all gone in Buckhead.

When I went to Target this afternoon, two days after the epic success of the Missoni debut, only the ghost of Missoni remained in the aisles. The signature Missoni signs mocked me with their vibrant stripes and colors as they hung above empty racks.

Missoni for Target Multicolor Stripe Print Sweater Dress

The Target website still has the featured Missoni section, but it is littered with “out of stock” messages beneath images of the gorgeous pieces like the multicolor strip print sweater dress.

According to Target’s official TargetStyle Twitter account, only a few stores will be re-stocking the Missoni collection. Clearly, this collaboration was a brilliant move for both Missoni and Target. Bringing high fashion to the masses isn’t “selling out,” it’s a great way to build awareness. If people didn’t know Missoni before, they certainly do now. And they really want it.

Gee, Taking The Westward Path With Kate, Emily, and Meritt

25 Aug

Thanks to a tip from the fabulous Jezebel magazine, my roommate Kelsey and I decided to check out a special Kate Spade launch event at Bloomingdale’s of Lenox Square. The event was held to promote the new Kate Spade collaboration with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott on the Westward handbag collection. Little did I know that this fashionable occasion would lead me to love…

The new collection features fabulous handbag designs with classic spunk and vintage charm that will carry over for decades of fashionable practicality. But the Westward Runaway Duffle is the piece that positively stole my heart. It’s chic yet rugged. Fancy yet practical. It is the object of my affection. When I win the lotto, it will be mine.

Not only did I fall for this remarkable bag, but Kelsey and I also snagged an awesome customized flip book thanks to flippity doo da! Such a fantastic promotional tool.

Gee, Toms Certainly Make For Happy Feet

14 Aug

Last Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of glittery black Toms inside one of my carefully wrapped gift packages. I had no idea such a sensational shoe existed!

I first discovered the magic of Toms a few years ago when I purchased a plaid pair of the One for One shoes. I instantly fell in love with the comfy cuteness of the socially conscious shoes. But this new glittery pair? It took my appreciation to a whole other level.

I slip into my glittery black Toms just about every day, and I get at least one, “Ooooh I love your Toms!” every time I do. They catch your eye while keeping your toesies cozy. They are practical yet precious. What more could you possibly ask for in a shoe?

I’m so in love, I might have to take the plunge and go for pair number three.

Gee, Has Puppy Love Gone Too Far?

11 Jun

Driving down Peachtree on a sunny Thursday afternoon, I was stunned, confused, and horrified to see a young woman, pushing her bulldog in a pink stroller. Yes, a stroller.

I did a little research and found that there are, in fact, websites devoted to purchasing the perfect stroller for your pup. Oh and don’t you worry, feline fans – there are kitty strollers, too! The pet strollers cost anywhere from $100-$300. Even Jeep has jumped on the pet wagon with some of their own stroller designs (although one website claims it has sadly been discontinued).

I positively adore dogs and animals, but this is just too much. I firmly believe that there are far more productive ways to channel your funds and affection than this little gizmo.

Perhaps it’s somewhat practical for an older pooch with limited mobility, but otherwise it is just lazy. Isn’t it harming rather than hurting your furry friend to deprive them of exercise? I’m sure we’ll hear about the American pet obesity epidemic before too long.