Gee, Zip Trippin’ Through Lake Lanier

12 May

There is nothing quite like flying through the lush green trees amidst the sweet breezes coming off of the Georgia lake. It’s exhilarating…breathtaking…therapeutic. I found this out firsthand when I went to Lake Lanier for a zip line tour with my dad.

I discovered Lake Lanier Canopy Tours through a SweetJack deal. Since my dad and I love a good adventure, I decided to purchase two Pine Isle Tour passes for him and me as a Christmas present. We finally got around to using them this past weekend, and we absolutely loved the experience.

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Our tour guides, Randy and Brandon, were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and crazy. Not only do they know the zip line course, but they absolutely love it. Each zip point has a story and a personality.

The course is well thought out with varying distances and heights that allow you to take in the beautiful sights of the island – from the wooded greenery to the cool blue lake water. After my zip trip, I am convinced that this is the best way to survey and appreciate Georgia nature. I’m so glad that I got to experience it with my number one adventure buddy (aka Daddy-o).

I’m dying to go back and zip for one of their moonlight tours…I can’t imagine how incredible it would be to zip under the stars on a southern summer night.


Gee, Here’s A Little Encouragement To Seize The Day

20 Mar

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Emily Dickinson’s wise words: “Forever is composed of nows.”

Create your forever by seizing the nows, and making the most of each one. Don’t put off taking that trip to Malaysia or writing that novel or calling up that friend or learning to play that instrument or climbing that mountain. Own your nows.

Thanks for that kick in the butt, Em.

Gee, You Can’t Beat Homemade Heartwork

14 Feb heartwork

Skip the Hallmark store this Valentine’s Day…

All you need: a pair of scissors, a glue stick, some magazines, a little imagination, and a lot of heart.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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Gee, Let’s Cue The Feel-Good Tune

30 Jan

Tornado warnings/watches, blustery winds, and wet weather tore through the ATL today. The air was thick, gloomy, and slightly chaotic. Such a day undoubtedly calls for a good pick-me-up.

Cue the feel-good tune from a Fine Frenzy. A few months ago, Kelsey and I saw Joshua Radin in concert. We were pretty pumped to see our favorite Simon and Garfunkel-esque singer/songwriter perform live, but we were equally delighted with the performance from his opening lady Alison Sudol (aka a Fine Frenzy). She’s bubbly, energetic, and carefree. The best performance of the set? Her single “Now Is The Start“. She was all smiles, glowing and alive as she bounced around the stage and encouraged the crowd to join in.



On a gray and dreary day like today, I felt that this song would be just the thing to lift spirits and shine some positive vibes through the negative gloom. Listen, smile, and soak it in.

Gee, Gettin’ Down With Gluten-Free

12 Dec

Mudslide Cupcake

A few weeks ago, my dear friend and roommate was dealt a shocking blow – she had developed a gluten allergy. No more pasta, no more bread, and, horror of all horrors, no more beer.

It’s not uncommon for a person to develop a gluten allergy in his or her 20’s, but it means that there are a lot of lifestyle adjustments that need to be made as a result. Luckily, grocery stores and restaurants are well-equipped to serve gluten-free customers these days. Heck – Amazon even has an entire section on their site devoted to gluten-free grocery.

That being said, in the past few weeks, we have learned that the gluten-free life does not equate to the end of the world. Enter soy flour. You won’t find soy flour in the baking aisle at your average grocery store. I had to track it down at our local Whole Foods. Whole Foods has a number of wheat and all purpose flour substitutes that can be used to create gluten-free dishes.

With magical soy flour standing in for regular flour in the recipe, I created gluten-free White Russian cupcakes complete with Kahlua frosting. I topped them off with some festive red and green sprinkles and served them up at our little holiday get-together last Saturday. The delightful alcoholic pastries were enjoyed by gluten-free and non-gluten-free alike. Our first experiment in the world of gluten-free baking was a success!

I’m pretty sure soy flour is going to become a staple item in our pantry from now on…

Gee, Why Do Fanny Packs Get A Bad Rap?

4 Oct

They are practical. Pretty. Convenient. Magical. What’s not to love about fanny packs?

I recently attended the legendary “Music Midtown” – a stupendous music festival featuring an array of talented artists jammin’ out in Atlanta’s beautiful Piedmont Park. As soon as I got wind of the lineup including Florence & the Machine, Ludacris, and Girl Talk, I was on board. I bought my ticket months in advance.

With my ticket secured, the next step was a no-brainer: purchase a fanny pack. But for some reason, my friends didn’t share my enthusiasm about my sweet new accessory. When I excitedly gushed to my friends, I was met with giggles and criticism. I was told that fanny packs are weird, outdated, and stupid.

Au contraire. It was one of the most brilliant investments that I have ever made. The pack held my ticket, money, cards, phone, snacks…I was totally set. I waved my hands without a care in the world when Luda brought the house down with his masterful performance of “What’s Your Fantasy“. I literally “Shook It Out” to Flo’s set.

Not only was I able to frolic hands free throughout the day, but I will undoubtedly use my precious pack for years to come. Festivals, concerts, afternoon hikes, nights on the town…oh yeah. I’m a fanny fan.

Gee, Can’t Resist Those Karaoke Classics

21 Jul

Last night, my dear friend Kelsey and I decided to hit up Little 5 Points with our favorite trivia host to check out the karaoke at Little 5 Corner Tavern. For Kelsey and me, this was our big debut on the Atlanta karaoke scene, and we had no idea what to expect. What we did know was exactly what we wanted to sing.

There are those songs that you just feel in your heart. They are tried and true. They are the ones that you belt out in your car without a care in the world, feeling like a bonafide superstar. They may not sound as good to you in public as they do in the cozy comfort of your four-wheeled cocoon, but these tunes still give you an inexplicable boost of confidence. Those girly jams that shaped you in  your formative years. Oh yes. We went there. We made three top notch selections.

First up: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. It’s upbeat, girly, spirited, optimistic. So full of hope and love. How can you resist that glorious piano?


Next: “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. I still remember watching a behind the scenes documentary on the filming of this music video in the desert. And of course, I still know ever word by heart. With this one, we had a true girl power moment.


Big finale: “Teardrops On My Guitar” by Taylor Swift. This one was actually a bit tougher than we thought it would be – especially since the teleprompter was lagging behind. It’s one where I didn’t know the words quite as well as I thought I did. It’s a real heart-wrenching piece of T. Swift magic, but next time I think we’re gonna go for “You Belong With Me.” Oh yes – there will be a next time. And the girly classics will emerge once again.