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Gee, Let’s Get Naked And Famous

1 Apr

Not literally. But I do encourage you to get into the music of “the Naked and Famous” – an indie rock band from New Zealand. Their songs have been featured in popular shows such as the Vampire Diaries. But this band produces songs that amount to much more than a good soundtrack. Their 2010 album Passive Me, Aggressive You showcases a mesmerizing variety of songs for every mood. You can cry and reflect while listening to “No Way,” and dance like a maniac to “Punching in a Dream.”

Last night, I ventured to Athens, GA with two of my friends to see the band play live at the 40 Watt. It was therapeutic to take in the melodies and just sway to the rhythm of their electro pop tunes. From the slow and haunting sounds of “Jilted Lovers” to the adrenaline-boosting beats of “Young Blood,” they delivered a spectacular performance from start to finish. The music came alive with the flashing neon lights. The show was nothing short of an invigorating experience.

You know you’ve seen an amazing concert when you can sincerely refer to it as an experience.

Gee, Bulldogs Party Into The College Rankings

6 Sep

Trips to Athens, GA never fail to entertain.  This weekend, I made my way to Athens, home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, to celebrate my good friend’s birthday.  This celebration coincided with the first home football game of the year, so the whole town was hopping…and that’s an understatement.

By 9:00PM, most of the inhabitants and students were pretty well inebriated.  The bar patrons were decked out in red and black and “Dogs” gear.  Frat boys were busily laughing at themselves and writing in permanent marker on one another.  Yes, this really did happen.  Even the adults sported their school colors and sloppily celebrated their beloved UGA, co-mingling with the shadows of their former selves.  There is absolutely no shortage of craziness and Bulldog spirit.  Many Bulldogs inquired as to why I am not a UGA student.  No matter how much I explained, no answer was acceptable.  How could you not attend this daily party?

Because my friend lives in Athens and has grown up there, I visit a few times every year.  The energy is always high, and the characters are always colorful.  Game day or night, Bulldog pride is always in full force.  In fact, the Princeton Review finally acknowledged the Bulldogs’ dedication to the perpetual party by deeming UGA number one in the party school rankings.  Much to the dismay of the school’s administration, this title without a doubt overshadows making the “Green Honor Roll.”

But believe it or not, the town of Athens isn’t all about the UGA party.  I always love the hearing the music of the indie bands, and seeing the quirky stores and organic food joints tucked between bars.  As I wandered through the nonsensically mapped streets of the college town, I was repeatedly drawn to the windows of the closed clothing shops like Cillies.  Vintage boots, flowy dresses, and retro t-shirts called out to me.  Unfortunately, I have never been in Athens long enough to explore the fashionable gems that glisten beneath the grungy nightlife.  Another task to add to the Senior Bucket List…