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Gee, It’s Time To Be A Summer Child

24 May

The summer season is upon us. The time of warm nights, pleasure reading, those reliable flip flops, and carefree spirit. Year after year, summer evokes a sense of youthful bliss. No matter how old I get, I never want to lose touch with this summer spirit.

I have always loved summer fashion. As a little girl, I relished in the sweet and vibrant styles of the warm summer months: the free flowing “twirly skirts,” the pretty girl “babin’ suits,” and of course the sparkly pink jelly sandals. Oh yes, summer fashion was certainly a treat.

Just because I’ve grown up a bit, in both size and style, doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with my summer wardrobe. I still love frilly bathing suits, though I prefer the two piece nowadays. The example on the right is a clutch Target purchase…proving fun summer suits don’t have to cost a fortune.

Summer is also a good season to bring out the vibrant, flashy colors that tend to hibernate during the winter months. The pages of Vogue and InStyle are filled with bright colors like marigold and cobalt blue.

Summer is definitely not a “no frills” season. Embrace your inner child, and let some playful energy into your wardrobe. But please, skip the pink jellies.

Gee, Beija-Flor Brings Jean Joy

29 Nov

Last week, I was lucky enough to be in Greenville for the Beija-Flor jeans warehouse sale.  The tiny space off of Augusta was filled with hundreds of pairs of gorgeous denim masterpieces.  It was heavenly.  The fabric is soft and breathable, and the cuts are flattering.  The majority of the sale jeans were flare styles, but they design all styles and cuts.  They even make my absolute favorite style – the jegging!  I had some trouble finding a good pair of flares for my body (they fit in the waist and fell baggy around my legs), but I stumbled upon a cozy pair of bootcut jeans that had a smooth and comfortable fit.

I got my pair for an incredible $20…and absolute steal!  When I slide them on, I can tell that these Brazilian beauties will be a staple item in my closet for a good while.  I hope that once I get out of college and get a real job (fingers crossed), I can indulge in another pair or two to round out my closet.  I can’t wait to see the popularity of this quality brand grow in the years to come!

Gee, It’s a Fashion Surgery Survival Story

7 Oct

When I first laid eyes on it at a Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, Pennsylvania five years ago, I knew that we were meant to be together.  And since then, my love has only blossomed.  I have come to treasure my bargain Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt.  But today, I decided that it had to go under the knife…errrr, scissors.

It was a pretty standard procedure, so I wasn’t too nervous.  I just wanted to cut the neckline down to give me an off-the-shoulder option and quite frankly, make it a little less stuffy.  But as I put the fabric between the sharp blades, I grew nervous.  Did I really want to change this?  What if I slipped to a severely wrong angle and slaughtered my precious sweatshirt?

To get to good fashion, you have to take risks.  That’s how you stay in the game.  Plain jane, color-in-the-lines style just doesn’t cut it.  So it was a bit scary, but it was time for a change.  And I’m happy with the outcome.  My cozy little sweatshirt got a little more edge with a few snips.

P.S. I am not an avid Wisconsin fan.  I simply love that they have such an amazing mascot.

Gee, Bulldogs Party Into The College Rankings

6 Sep

Trips to Athens, GA never fail to entertain.  This weekend, I made my way to Athens, home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, to celebrate my good friend’s birthday.  This celebration coincided with the first home football game of the year, so the whole town was hopping…and that’s an understatement.

By 9:00PM, most of the inhabitants and students were pretty well inebriated.  The bar patrons were decked out in red and black and “Dogs” gear.  Frat boys were busily laughing at themselves and writing in permanent marker on one another.  Yes, this really did happen.  Even the adults sported their school colors and sloppily celebrated their beloved UGA, co-mingling with the shadows of their former selves.  There is absolutely no shortage of craziness and Bulldog spirit.  Many Bulldogs inquired as to why I am not a UGA student.  No matter how much I explained, no answer was acceptable.  How could you not attend this daily party?

Because my friend lives in Athens and has grown up there, I visit a few times every year.  The energy is always high, and the characters are always colorful.  Game day or night, Bulldog pride is always in full force.  In fact, the Princeton Review finally acknowledged the Bulldogs’ dedication to the perpetual party by deeming UGA number one in the party school rankings.  Much to the dismay of the school’s administration, this title without a doubt overshadows making the “Green Honor Roll.”

But believe it or not, the town of Athens isn’t all about the UGA party.  I always love the hearing the music of the indie bands, and seeing the quirky stores and organic food joints tucked between bars.  As I wandered through the nonsensically mapped streets of the college town, I was repeatedly drawn to the windows of the closed clothing shops like Cillies.  Vintage boots, flowy dresses, and retro t-shirts called out to me.  Unfortunately, I have never been in Athens long enough to explore the fashionable gems that glisten beneath the grungy nightlife.  Another task to add to the Senior Bucket List…

Gee, I’m In Love With UO Jeggings

30 Jul

That’s right, jeggings.  A few months ago, I purchased my first pair of denim leggings from Urban Outfitters.  They essentially resemble skinny jeans.  “Why not just buy skinny jeans, then?,” you might ask.  Because, I say, jeggings are a whole different level of stylish comfort.


Here are the pluses:

  • No fussy buttons and zippers with these babies.  They have a comfortable elastic waist so you can easily slip the things on and off.
  • The denim material is stretchier and feels much lighter than the rough, thick denim that doesn’t always feel so nice after a long day in skinny jeans.
  • They have cute/handy butt pockets.
  • They look like regular jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, here – jeggings are not meant to be a replacement for jeans entirely.  I still cling to my Joe’s and my Paper Denim & Cloth jeans.  But when paired with a long top, jeggings are absolute perfection that spice up the jean routine.  And since I wear long tops all the time, I am a huge fan and advocate for the jeggings (in case you hadn’t noticed).  Pure genius, I say.

In fact, urbanoutfitters.com just marked them down from $39.00 to $19.99!  It’s like Christmas came early!

Girls, before you roll your eyes or chuckle at the idea, just give it a go.  You, too, might just fall in love.

Gee, Vintage Never Gets Old

28 Jul

In addition to developing an appreciation for recycled music, I have also come to love recycled clothing.  Upon flipping through the pages of Baltimore’s “City Paper,” my friend and I found an ad for Debois Textiles: a warehouse of vintage clothes, fabrics, and fashion gems.

We couldn’t resist – we had to investigate the place for ourselves.  Moving from rack to rack was a true adventure.  From poofy prom dresses to flowy blouses, this place has it all.  My friend and I spent hours scouring the inventory and picking out unique pieces that we would never find in a department store.  And it doesn’t hurt that the prices are extremely college-student-friendly.

A Vintage Dress From Debois

Vintage has even gone virtual!  Thanks to online stores like Etsy‘s Dirty Betty Vintage, you can order tasteful vintage pieces in a snap.  Dirty Betty is one of my personal favorites with pieces ranging from dresses to rompers.  I can’t help but love her quirky names for each item (i.e. “Dirty Betty is Staring at the Sky Babydoll“)!  Humor and remarkable taste in clothes: two amazing qualities that flow together harmoniously in this charming online shop.

So my advice for the day: add some character to your wardrobe with vintage fashion.  Go on, live a little!