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Gee, You Can’t Beat Homemade Heartwork

14 Feb heartwork

Skip the Hallmark store this Valentine’s Day…

All you need: a pair of scissors, a glue stick, some magazines, a little imagination, and a lot of heart.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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Gee, Style Says It All

26 Feb

Style Collage

My latest collage sums up the power of fashion: “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” I partnered the statement with bold colors and classic images to give the words more power. It’s amazing just how powerful style is. It makes the introduction before a word is spoken. It can make you, and it can, unfortunately, break you. You can’t overthink it or you’ll betray your natural  character. Let your style speak up.

Gee, Crafting Gets Sentimental

8 Sep








I am a big believer in combining quotes and crafts. It really is a beautiful thing. Whenever a loved one has a birthday, I turn to crafting to present them with a personal and unique gift.

I decided to collage a little plaque just for one of my best friends for her recent birthday. She was my first college roommate, and we clicked from the moment we met. Although we have scattered to different dwellings, we are still extremely close.

In my search for a good quotation to use for her birthday plaque, I stumbled upon the line, “Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent.” A perfect fit.

The fun part about crafting a gift is that you can mold it to fit the recipient in a way that a gift card simply can’t. My gifting tip: think outside the box, and make a gift that comes from within.



Gee, Finally Making My Home

30 Aug

Although I moved in well over a week ago, I am still trying to sort out my little living space in my apartment.  It’s pretty daunting trying to figure out where to squeeze all of my purses and crafting supplies, and to actually get some touches of home on my stark white walls.

Here’s a quick look at the wall space above my bed.  I hung a clock with black and white images of friends and family, my classic touch of piggy, and surrounded these with more black and white print-outs.  I pasted these on black poster board and outlined them with dotted designs in silver paint pen.  While I may be crazy busy with classes and work already, I still find time to sooth my soul with a little bit of crafty fun that can make my world a little more home-y.