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Gee, Who Needs Scary When You Can Go Mad?

31 Oct

I went for a mad costume this year by dressing up as a Mad Men character…no one in particular, just one of Don Draper’s nameless ladies, of course.  I wish I had had more time to dress it up and go all out, but I lacked some motivation without a Don Draper partner.  I teased up my hair and pulled out my vintage dress from Debois which I bought this summer.

Speaking of Mad Men…what is Don Draper doing?!  I am still baffled by his proposal on the October 17th finale.  Is Don just trying to replace the memory of Anna with the fantasy of Megan?  Is he setting his expectations for her too high?  Is he even capable of a meaningful relationship?  Until next season…

Gee, Vintage Never Gets Old

28 Jul

In addition to developing an appreciation for recycled music, I have also come to love recycled clothing.  Upon flipping through the pages of Baltimore’s “City Paper,” my friend and I found an ad for Debois Textiles: a warehouse of vintage clothes, fabrics, and fashion gems.

We couldn’t resist – we had to investigate the place for ourselves.  Moving from rack to rack was a true adventure.  From poofy prom dresses to flowy blouses, this place has it all.  My friend and I spent hours scouring the inventory and picking out unique pieces that we would never find in a department store.  And it doesn’t hurt that the prices are extremely college-student-friendly.

A Vintage Dress From Debois

Vintage has even gone virtual!  Thanks to online stores like Etsy‘s Dirty Betty Vintage, you can order tasteful vintage pieces in a snap.  Dirty Betty is one of my personal favorites with pieces ranging from dresses to rompers.  I can’t help but love her quirky names for each item (i.e. “Dirty Betty is Staring at the Sky Babydoll“)!  Humor and remarkable taste in clothes: two amazing qualities that flow together harmoniously in this charming online shop.

So my advice for the day: add some character to your wardrobe with vintage fashion.  Go on, live a little!