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Gee, Pumpkin Means Love

7 Oct

You know life is good when pumpkin cookie season is in. I accept the end of summer when I bust out my pumpkin chocolate chip cheesecake cookie recipe. I hate to say goodbye to tank tops and pool days, but the sweet aroma of pumpkin makes it all okay. I made my first batch last night and officially made peace with this change in the air.

photo (2)

To me, pumpkin has always been a smell, a taste, a feeling that soothes my soul. It reminds me of visits to Grandma’s house. I would teeter my way up the path to her homey brick house, trying to crunch as many crisp leaves as possible with my little light up sneakers. I crossed the threshold and ran into her arms, taking in the smell of her delicate floral Grandma aroma intermingling with the warm, cinnamony spice of her fresh pumpkin bread. The ultimate fall afternoon at Grandma’s house: laughter, double solitaire, hugs, games of fetch with Sebastian the dog, and perfectly cooked pumpkin bread, delectable and soft. I always left her house with a little seran wrapped loaf of that autumnal deliciousness…and a warm heart.

Now I have my own pumpkin treat. The recipe is a little bit different, and I’m a little bit taller. But that pumpkin smell will always bring me back to those classic autumn days. That pumpkin smell? That’s love.

Gee, Fall, Where Did You Come From?

25 Sep

Well I guess October starts next week. How on earth did that happen? Time flies. All the more reason to note the little pieces of autumnal bliss – from the floating leaves to the crisp breeze.

photo (1)

I ran across this little guy while walking the dog this afternoon. Call me cheesy, but I believe in signs. And this one says, “You’re where you are meant to be in this moment. Recognize and love it.”


Gee, Can I Get Some Instagram Glasses?

6 Nov

Autumn in Atlanta is beautiful in and of itself. But with a little Instagram spin, it’s purely magical.

I have been inspired over the past few days to take a few tree shots throughout the city to capture memories and appreciate my surroundings.

Instagram is by far my favorite photo app for the iPhone. You can choose from a variety of different image filters to turn any image into a work of art. There’s no denying it – ordinary objects and scenes take on a whole different perspective through Instagram glasses. It’s mesmerizing and magical.

Gee, It Feels Like Fall

6 Oct

Autumn officially snuck up on us here in SC.  Actually, it ambushed us.  Just last week, I was laying out by the pool and sweating like crazy on the walk to class.  Now I am bundled and shivering.

So I stare out my window as I write this, grateful for the glass of the window that separates me from the chilly air.  And I find comfort in the warm sounds of Regina Spektor‘s voice.  To me, her sweet songs and stunning high-pitched tangents define the word “melody”.

She has the miraculous talent of putting the most mundane sounds, like the sound of an old typewriter in the song “Eet“.  In this clever visual interpretation, the typewriter becomes her piano.  The earthy colors of the video make me feel like I’m sipping hot tea with a sweet touch of cinnamon on a cool autumn day.  And her classic beauty pairs perfectly with the lulling tone in her voice.

Warm thoughts for chilly hump days…