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Gee, Bumper Stickers Are Way Underrated

6 Apr

Despite the long hiatus between posts, I really am alive. I’ve merely been swallowed by the black hole of job searching and homeworking.

But amidst the frustration of my unknown future, I’ve had some time to do some sporadic procrastination. This week, I found myself on a quest for quirky bumper stickers for a crafting project. Consequently, I found myself rolling on the floor laughing (in theory). There are so many hysterical bumper stickers out there that not enough eyes have seen. I would like to share a few of my favorites…

You get the point. I know they have internet bumper stickers, and Facebook had an app for virtual bumpsticks, but there’s nothin’ like a good, old fashioned, real live bumper sticker.

Gee, Those Are Someecards

15 Feb

They’ve been around for years, but I am still obsessed.  The someecards website has the wittiest ecards that poke fun of celebrities and human kind alike.  The unassuming images of the vintage characters on the cards make the hysterical musings exponentially more entertaining.  The site even allows users to submit their own ecards which can be just as good as the site’s classics.  And get this: they’re FREE to send!  Which is much more than I can say for a lot of ecard sites these days.

The site has become so popular that they even sell their ecards in tangible gift form (i.e. shirts, mugs, magnets, etc.).

This Valentine’s Day, I spent nearly an hour perusing the site and laughing out loud at the cards devoted to the delightful day of love and affection.  My personal favorite poked fun at my least favorite team in the NFL:

What’s even better is that there are cards for the average day.  I’m especially fond of the ones that poke fun at our bizarre social media habits:

So if you’re looking for a good pick-me-up form of procrastination, I highly recommend you visit the site and share the love.