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Gee, I’m Liking Lykke

27 Oct

Of course, the Hype Machine delivers more solid tunes.  With some guidance from the site’s brilliant list of popular songs, I found and downloaded Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some“.  She’s got a smoothly smoky voice that floats over steady drum beats.  And the lyrics are simple but catchy.  Enjoy the abstract video…I’m gonna go find some more Lykke tracks and put off my studies.

Happy Pre-Hallow Hump Day!



Gee, It Feels Like Fall

6 Oct

Autumn officially snuck up on us here in SC.  Actually, it ambushed us.  Just last week, I was laying out by the pool and sweating like crazy on the walk to class.  Now I am bundled and shivering.

So I stare out my window as I write this, grateful for the glass of the window that separates me from the chilly air.  And I find comfort in the warm sounds of Regina Spektor‘s voice.  To me, her sweet songs and stunning high-pitched tangents define the word “melody”.

She has the miraculous talent of putting the most mundane sounds, like the sound of an old typewriter in the song “Eet“.  In this clever visual interpretation, the typewriter becomes her piano.  The earthy colors of the video make me feel like I’m sipping hot tea with a sweet touch of cinnamon on a cool autumn day.  And her classic beauty pairs perfectly with the lulling tone in her voice.

Warm thoughts for chilly hump days…

Gee, Hump Day Goes Pop

29 Sep

That’s right.  Pop sound takes over this week with the sweet and irresistible music of Eric Hutchinson.  I’m attending his concert at Furman tonight, so I couldn’t help but share the love.  This boy can play the piano like nobody’s business, and he’s got a soulful little swagger to his songs that I can’t help but adore.

His top songs from his 2008 album Sounds Like This are “Rock & Roll” and “OK It’s Alright With Me.”  The “OK…” video is simple and could read like a quirky karaoke video, but his smiley expressions make it utterly endearing.

I also dig the tracks “Food Chain” and “Oh!” but those videos aren’t on YouTube…sad day!

This boy is far too happy-go-lucky to resist.  Every song is a smile.  I swear.  I don’t know too much about him, but I’m excited to check him out.  Concert review soon to come…

Gee, Florence’s Voice Ain’t So Mechanical

22 Sep

These days, I’m entranced by the sounds of Florence + the Machine.  This summer, my musical genius of a friend burned me a copy of the 2009 album, Lungs, and I was astonished to find that I actually enjoyed listening to the entire CD all the way through.  That, to me, is magical stuff.

While Florence’s most popular song at the moment is “Dog Days Are Over” (I highly recommend you check out the out-of-this-world music video), my favorite track is “Swimming.”  Florence Welch’s voice is positively chilling.  Its fullness gives the ethereal lyrics a heavy soul.  The tone of her voice is almost jazzy, carrying the melody beyond the alternative genre and into one all her own.

This free-spirited, fiery Brit may be on the verge of a breakthrough after performing on MTV’s Video Music Awards and even winning one herself.  It’s really no wonder, though.  The girl’s got Lungs.  My apologies for the cheeseball pun.

Gee, I Want a Bike!

15 Sep

“The Bike Song” by Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. is my pick for Hump Day jammage this week!  The catchy little diddy honestly makes me wish that I had a bike.  The upbeat melody blends so sweetly with the innocent bicycle ring and rhythmic electronic beats.  I’ll admit it — this song makes me bop.  It’s just that catchy.  More brilliance, Mark Ronson (love his collaboration with Amy Winehouse on Valerie).

Beyond the addictive sounds in this song, I feel like I can really relate to these playful lyrics as a senior in college.  While the rest of the world is growing up, I’m just gonna ride my bike until I get home and enjoy the scenery as a carefree youngin.  Now if only I had that bike…Oh well.  The thought itself is refreshing enough.  As is the video!  Check it out.

Gee, Matt & Kim Keep It Fresh

8 Sep

Matt & Kim have a knack for pairing innovative electronic sounds with mesmerizing beats to create addictive jams that evoke a sense of vivacious freedom.  All last summer, my sister and I drove through the streets of Baltimore with the windows down, captivated by the electronic rhythms of their song “Daylight.”  The music video totally captures this spirit.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that their new track, “Cameras,” is of the same caliber.  The same upbeat spirit infuses the lyrics, and the chorus is crisp and catchy.  It may be a new, unique jam, but it has the same inspiring quality.

I also found a fun twist on this fresh tune with a remix by Will Doolittle who combined it with Rihanna’s “Umbrella”…the sound is pretty impressive.  I am always amazed at how these DJs can sense when two separate songs will come together so seamlessly.

I am in awe.

Gee, I’ve Missed Those Weepies

1 Sep

For the past few years, the soothing voices of the Weepies have been rather quiet as the husband and wife have taken some time for family.  But they’re back with a new album entitled Be My Thrill!  And I am thrilled.  Yes, I just went there.

Their 2006 album, Say I Am You was a personal favorite, filled with charming melodies like “The World Spins Madly On” and “Gotta Have You.”

The title track to Be My Thrill fits right in with these sweet classics.  This video, too, is absolutely adorable.  If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face on another joyous hump day, I don’t know what will:

But it gets better!

The brilliant duo has paired with Whole Foods Market, Inc. to promote the album!  Uuuuuhhh…YUM.