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Gee, I’m Liking Lykke

27 Oct

Of course, the Hype Machine delivers more solid tunes.  With some guidance from the site’s brilliant list of popular songs, I found and downloaded Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some“.  She’s got a smoothly smoky voice that floats over steady drum beats.  And the lyrics are simple but catchy.  Enjoy the abstract video…I’m gonna go find some more Lykke tracks and put off my studies.

Happy Pre-Hallow Hump Day!


Gee, Hump Day Jam Post Hiatus! Sweet!

18 Aug

Blog world!  It has been far too long!  My big sister got married on Saturday, and my life has been nothing but a whirl of moving and changing since.  It was a beautiful event that went off without a hitch, but I immediately made my way back to SC the morning after.  This is my first chance to sit and reflect and indulge in a steady source of internet…and it is at the Clemson Starbucks.  Joy!

I immediately logged into the Hype Machine to check out the latest scoop on good tunage.  I was pleasantly surprised to find another phenomenal cover of Kid Cudi and MGMT’s “Pursuit of Happiness” on the popular play list.  I have already fallen for a live cover version performed by Lissie, but this one has slow, steady, almost beachy sound to it that is new and unique.

Once again, I am astonished by just how talented some of these cover artists are with these songs.  The original version of this song is already one of my favorites (in fact, it’s my default ringtone), but I am truly impressed by these reworks.  New twists and turns have taken this melody to new heights.

Gee, Chiddy Bang Recycles A Hit

27 Jul

This summer, one of my lovely friends got me hooked on the Hype Machine, which I briefly mentioned in my first post.  This site tracks the coolest music blogs and calculates ratings to produce a thorough and miraculous collection of the freshest tunes and artists.  It particularly focuses on indie bands, collaborations, and mashups.

I recently discovered that I truly appreciate a good mashing of amazing songs.  So, in honor of this newfound affection, I am sharing with you one of my top picks: Opposite of Adults (Kids) by Chiddy Bang – a re-working of MGMT’s “Kids” (which is golden in and of itself).  I love the way that the beats are remixed into a new rap that demands a bit of head-nodding.  This one is a keeper.