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Gee, First Aid Kit Cures Opening Band Blues

15 Feb

Most of us have suffered through opening band blues at some point. You head out to see your favorite band perform. Anticipation is high, and you arrive an hour early, general admission ticket clutched in hand, just so you can get as close as physically possible to your musical inspiration. But then…the opening band comes on. You are less than impressed, and the set drags on for what seems like hours. You suck it up and figure it’s the price you pay to get to the epic climax of the night, but you feel slightly bummed and anxious.

Every once in a while, however, you make a harmonious connection with a wonderful gem of an opening act…

The one thing that I love more than seeing one of my favorite artists in concert is falling for the opening band at said concert. When I went to see the magnificent Lykke Li perform at the Buckhead Theatre back in November, I told myself to prepare for the blues and not get my expectations too high for this opening act. I’ve been disappointed a time too many, after all.

The unassuming duo known as “First Aid Kit” waltzed onto the stage with their long locks and hippy spirit to strum out some dreamy and folksy tunes. The melodies were mesmerizingly sweet, but one song in particular struck a chord with me. “Emmylou” hits all the sweet spots of classic American folk music with the lyrics, “I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June, if you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny, too” (a tribute to the classic couples Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, and June Carter and Johnny Cash).

After being exposed to this gem of an opening band, I’m not surprised that their new album “The Lion’s Roar” hit number one in their Swedish homeland. Thanks, First Aid Kit, for restoring my faith in opening band potential.

Gee, I’m Liking Lykke

27 Oct

Of course, the Hype Machine delivers more solid tunes.  With some guidance from the site’s brilliant list of popular songs, I found and downloaded Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some“.  She’s got a smoothly smoky voice that floats over steady drum beats.  And the lyrics are simple but catchy.  Enjoy the abstract video…I’m gonna go find some more Lykke tracks and put off my studies.

Happy Pre-Hallow Hump Day!