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Gee, Matt & Kim Keep It Fresh

8 Sep

Matt & Kim have a knack for pairing innovative electronic sounds with mesmerizing beats to create addictive jams that evoke a sense of vivacious freedom.  All last summer, my sister and I drove through the streets of Baltimore with the windows down, captivated by the electronic rhythms of their song “Daylight.”  The music video totally captures this spirit.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that their new track, “Cameras,” is of the same caliber.  The same upbeat spirit infuses the lyrics, and the chorus is crisp and catchy.  It may be a new, unique jam, but it has the same inspiring quality.

I also found a fun twist on this fresh tune with a remix by Will Doolittle who combined it with Rihanna’s “Umbrella”…the sound is pretty impressive.  I am always amazed at how these DJs can sense when two separate songs will come together so seamlessly.

I am in awe.

Gee, Chiddy Bang Recycles A Hit

27 Jul

This summer, one of my lovely friends got me hooked on the Hype Machine, which I briefly mentioned in my first post.  This site tracks the coolest music blogs and calculates ratings to produce a thorough and miraculous collection of the freshest tunes and artists.  It particularly focuses on indie bands, collaborations, and mashups.

I recently discovered that I truly appreciate a good mashing of amazing songs.  So, in honor of this newfound affection, I am sharing with you one of my top picks: Opposite of Adults (Kids) by Chiddy Bang – a re-working of MGMT’s “Kids” (which is golden in and of itself).  I love the way that the beats are remixed into a new rap that demands a bit of head-nodding.  This one is a keeper.