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Gee, Is This Some Kind of Joke?

16 Mar

Because it’s not a very funny one.  How in the world could this mindless video and lyrical blunder slip through the cracks and pass for musical talent with nearly 10,000,000 views on YouTube?  Rebecca Black – Who are you?  As if Justin Bieber wasn’t punishment enough.

This Mashable article says it all.  She’s trending on Twitter, had a feature on Tosh.0, and it is bizarrely terrifying.  Oh. The horror.

Gee, Harem’s A Style Mystery

2 Oct

I just don’t get it.  Who looks at this picture and thinks, “Yes!  Those pants are perfect to wear out for Kimmy’s birthday on Friday!”…?  Or to any occasion, for that matter.  I simply do not understand.  They aren’t lounge-worthy, or casual wear suitable, and no way would I wear this out on the town or to work.  In fact, I would not want to wear them in public.  But that is just personal preference.

American Apparel Does the Harem

I ran across a pair on one of my favorite stylish shopping sites, but I’m just not buying it.  I don’t care that my favorite designers are manufacturing them.  Are they so comfortable that you just don’t care that it looks like there is a droopy abyss lurking between your thighs?  If someone knows the answer, please explain.