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Gee, Let’s Play

7 Mar

Last week, my company volunteered at Sheltering Arms, an early childhood education center in downtown Atlanta. It was so refreshing to escape the world of deadlines and budgets and meetings to simply play. We read stories, played tag, danced, and made new friends. Our talented in-house photographer, Jackelyn Lynam, captured the sweet spirit of the volunteering experience.

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In the chaos of life, we tend to forget how therapeutic play time can be. We get so caught up in daily grinding that the fun just gets lost. Sure – it’s admirable to work hard. But we need to do the carefree kid thing every once in a while to stay sane.

Gee, Pig Perfection!

19 Aug

When my sister chose to have me as her only bridesmaid for her wedding (which took place last week), she knew she was signing on for unconventional.  So it was only fitting when she gave me the ultimate bridesmaid’s gift in my bundle of favors: a beautiful copy of Bob Elsdale‘s “Pretty In Pink: Why It’s Good To Be A Girl!”  It is essentially the most incredible collection of piggy images and inspirational messages that I have ever come across.

First of all, I must give you a little bit of background information.  I absolutely adore pigs.  Ever since I was a little girl, they have been my number one favorite animal.  Hands down.  Over the years, I have acquired quite the collection of stuffed piggies, rubber piggies, piggy blankets, piggy shirts…etc.  So this newest literary addition absolutely captures my heart and soul.

The book not only celebrates pigs, but also shopping and friendship and enjoying life.  Could it possibly get any better?!  You, reader, might say yes, it could.  But for me, I have found my happy book.  I hope it at least brings a smile to your face.

Gee, Yoga’s Pretty Cute…And Furry?

8 Aug

Five years ago, I took my first yoga class and never looked back.  While I don’t get to practice as regularly as I would like to, I relish in the experience every chance that I get.  This summer, I have been particularly immersed in the yoga routine.  I attend classes at least once a week at Charm City Yoga, and I walk out feeling like a whole new human being.  I become aware of muscles that I never even thought that I had in my body, and my mind floats in a sweet sense of calm.  The journey to this point is not always easy, but it is always so worth it…

While I love yoga, and I adore animals, I never would have thought to pair the two.  But photographer Dan Borris did just that.  In his famous “Yoga Dogs” calendars, Borris features a different dog in a different position for each month…and I think that the concept is absolutely brilliant.  Don’t worry – the dogs aren’t actually forced into these obscure and awkward positions.  As explained in an article on Express.co.uk, Borris works with his wife Alejandra and uses computer editing to make the poses look authentic.  In 2010, they even branched out to include yoga kittens!  This witty and inspired concept is a top pick for me.  I can’t help but smile when I catch a glimpse of a real dog finding his upward dog.

Actual yoga classes with your pet as featured in an article on MSNBC.com?  Not so sure bout that concept…