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Gee, Judith Marches Into My Heart

7 Feb

Americasmart apparel market in Atlanta was an overwhelming and inspiring experience to say the very least.  Beija-Flor had an excellent showing as we introduced the world to the wonders of our new POD jeans …gotta love the Pull-On-Denim!

I was mesmerized by the eclectic assortment of fashions to be found around every corner.  From leather corsets to boho blouses, the market had every style covered.  I was pleased to notice that many booths featured flowy tiered tops.

One such booth really caught my eye with their soft and whimsical pieces.  It was that of Judith March – a stunning young contemporary collection by Stephanie Nichols that is truly a breath of fresh air with elegant yet delicate touches.  The look is vintage, yet timeless.  I am certainly going to look out for the Judith March fashions in the future.  This brand is on the rise.