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Gee, ScoutMob Is The Cool Kid Of Deal Sites

25 Oct

It’s true. I want to be best friends with Scoutmob.

Since moving to the ATL, I have scoured the deal sites in a desperate attempt to save pennies where I can. I quickly found that there are a plethora of daily deal sites out there (which is a beautiful thing for a recent college grad like myself), yet they all run together in a monotonous blur of mindless offers that are mostly irrelevant to me. Enter Scoutmob.

Scoutmob breaks the mold with its cheeky personality and interactive features. That’s right, this site actually has a personality. Not only do the Scoutmobsters offer you amazing deals around your respective city, but they give you local tips and entice you with featured area events and articles. Their mobile app provides deals to restaurants all across the city that you actually want to go to. Also, I am quite smitten with Scoutmob‘s weekly “Caption This” contest. It serves as a great distraction during the work week.

The Scoutmob deal descriptions will literally make you laugh out loud. Take today’s deal for McKinnon’s restaurant, for instance: “After forty years (that’s approximately a century and a half in Atlanta restaurant years) of serving Creole and Cajun classics to multiple generations, McKinnon’s has changed very little.” Boo ya.

To top it all off, Scoutmob rewards those members who spread the Scoutmob love by offering exclusive deals to those who share Scoutmobbery with family, friends, and meaningless acquaintances. They have dubbed this the “Revel” program, and it has become a personal goal of mine to attain those perks.

I could go on for days about my appreciation for this stellar site. From the sarcastic wit to the money-saving mayhem, Scoutmob takes the deal site to a whole new level. And I am officially in love. And did I mention that their signature thing is a mighty old school mustache? Can’t beat that.

Gee, Missoni Conquers Target

15 Sep

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, Target stores across the country were hit with what can only be described as Missoni Madness. If you blinked, you may have missed it. The renowned Italian designer premiered their exclusive line for Target featuring everything from bright and stripy jumpsuits to stationary.

Missoni for Target...all gone in Buckhead.

When I went to Target this afternoon, two days after the epic success of the Missoni debut, only the ghost of Missoni remained in the aisles. The signature Missoni signs mocked me with their vibrant stripes and colors as they hung above empty racks.

Missoni for Target Multicolor Stripe Print Sweater Dress

The Target website still has the featured Missoni section, but it is littered with “out of stock” messages beneath images of the gorgeous pieces like the multicolor strip print sweater dress.

According to Target’s official TargetStyle Twitter account, only a few stores will be re-stocking the Missoni collection. Clearly, this collaboration was a brilliant move for both Missoni and Target. Bringing high fashion to the masses isn’t “selling out,” it’s a great way to build awareness. If people didn’t know Missoni before, they certainly do now. And they really want it.

Gee, It’s Time To Be A Summer Child

24 May

The summer season is upon us. The time of warm nights, pleasure reading, those reliable flip flops, and carefree spirit. Year after year, summer evokes a sense of youthful bliss. No matter how old I get, I never want to lose touch with this summer spirit.

I have always loved summer fashion. As a little girl, I relished in the sweet and vibrant styles of the warm summer months: the free flowing “twirly skirts,” the pretty girl “babin’ suits,” and of course the sparkly pink jelly sandals. Oh yes, summer fashion was certainly a treat.

Just because I’ve grown up a bit, in both size and style, doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with my summer wardrobe. I still love frilly bathing suits, though I prefer the two piece nowadays. The example on the right is a clutch Target purchase…proving fun summer suits don’t have to cost a fortune.

Summer is also a good season to bring out the vibrant, flashy colors that tend to hibernate during the winter months. The pages of Vogue and InStyle are filled with bright colors like marigold and cobalt blue.

Summer is definitely not a “no frills” season. Embrace your inner child, and let some playful energy into your wardrobe. But please, skip the pink jellies.

Gee, Tracy Reese Achieves Girly Sophistication

22 May

My stylish mother recently introduced me to fresh designer Tracy Reese when she purchased me one of her adorably classic frocks a few weeks ago. Her pieces strike the perfect balance between classic elegance and whimsical femininity.

The colors in her summer collection are soft and cool with a myriad of refreshing blues and whites. The styles are flowy and tasteful…an irresistible combination.

Reese positively perfects the summer’s delicate lace trend with dresses that boast flouncy hemlines and flattering cuts. I’m in love with the subtle sexiness of the low-cut back on the “Adison” shift dress.

Tracy Reese has three different yet equally enticing brands: Her classic “Feminine Luxe,” “plenty” for the “Modern Bohemian,” and “frock!” for “Eclectic Charm.”

Thanks to Tracy Reese, you can feel like a pretty lady without the confines of frilly fashion.  With such a timeless approach to dressing women, I think that Tracy Reese’s name will only rise in the world of women’s fashion.

Her pieces are available through her website, tracyreese.com, and also on shopstyle.com. Just from researching this post I’ve  added a number of Tracy Reese designs to my wish list…

Gee, I’m a Groupon Groupie

1 Dec

It’s true. Well, Groupon and LivingSocial groupie.  I am on board the daily deal wagon, and I’m lovin’ the ride.

A few weeks ago, I invested in my first daily deal through LivingSocial: 20 hot yoga classes at Southern Om for only 20 BUCKS.  Each individual class is normally $12, so if I only go twice, I’m still a winner.  It’s insane, to say the least.

Some of the deals are not so enticing (i.e. the featured shooting range package a while back), but they change every day so I’m bound to crave at least one a week…but I keep it in check.

My mom and I got sucked into the Nordstrom Rack Groupon last week: $50 in store credit for just $25.  Let’s just say when I arrived home to Baltimore for Thanksgiving break, we did some damage.  And it was heavenly.

In these times of economic struggles and high unemployment rates, deal sites are big business.  You know you’ve struck gold when Google wants to scoop you up…kudos, Groupon!  I can’t wait to see how these sites evolve in the coming weeks/months/years.

Gee, Beija-Flor Brings Jean Joy

29 Nov

Last week, I was lucky enough to be in Greenville for the Beija-Flor jeans warehouse sale.  The tiny space off of Augusta was filled with hundreds of pairs of gorgeous denim masterpieces.  It was heavenly.  The fabric is soft and breathable, and the cuts are flattering.  The majority of the sale jeans were flare styles, but they design all styles and cuts.  They even make my absolute favorite style – the jegging!  I had some trouble finding a good pair of flares for my body (they fit in the waist and fell baggy around my legs), but I stumbled upon a cozy pair of bootcut jeans that had a smooth and comfortable fit.

I got my pair for an incredible $20…and absolute steal!  When I slide them on, I can tell that these Brazilian beauties will be a staple item in my closet for a good while.  I hope that once I get out of college and get a real job (fingers crossed), I can indulge in another pair or two to round out my closet.  I can’t wait to see the popularity of this quality brand grow in the years to come!

Gee, Shady Biz Brightens My World

19 Oct

I am addicted to sunglasses.  I love the different shapes and styles and colors.  The possibilities are endless, and I cannot get enough of them.

They don’t have to be super fancy and expensive.  The $5 variety is totally fine by me.  It’s more about the character.  Every now and then I’ll splurge on a nice pair (i.e. my Marc Jacobs aviators circa 2008), but not necessary.

Though I am craving a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers right now…but for now, my fun, cheap, and cute Urban Outfitters pair will have to do.  And I’m pretty okay with that.  After all, I’m much less likely to have a meltdown when I clumsily break or lose these babies.