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Gee, Here We Go

24 Jul

FIRST POST!  So I took the plunge, and went for a new blog.  But this time, I want to make it all about sharing.  I’m going to give you some blog gifts: songs, styles, recipes, sites, crafts…you name it, I will go there.  It will be random, but it will be oh so sweet.

Here’s a lil tidbit to get this thing going: I heard this song yesterday on WTMD (aka the most phenomenal radio station ever) and it is a gem (in my opinion which is what this whole blog thingamajigg is all about).  It doesn’t hurt that the artist has the most rockin’ band name I’ve heard in a while.  Check it (and that’s an order!).

Sink/Let Sway by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

P.S. You might notice (if you follow orders) that this link takes you to a website entitled “The Hype Machine.”  Get used to it.  It’s my music guru and I. Love. It.