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Gee, Has Puppy Love Gone Too Far?

11 Jun

Driving down Peachtree on a sunny Thursday afternoon, I was stunned, confused, and horrified to see a young woman, pushing her bulldog in a pink stroller. Yes, a stroller.

I did a little research and found that there are, in fact, websites devoted to purchasing the perfect stroller for your pup. Oh and don’t you worry, feline fans – there are kitty strollers, too! The pet strollers cost anywhere from $100-$300. Even Jeep has jumped on the pet wagon with some of their own stroller designs (although one website claims it has sadly been discontinued).

I positively adore dogs and animals, but this is just too much. I firmly believe that there are far more productive ways to channel your funds and affection than this little gizmo.

Perhaps it’s somewhat practical for an older pooch with limited mobility, but otherwise it is just lazy. Isn’t it harming rather than hurting your furry friend to deprive them of exercise? I’m sure we’ll hear about the American pet obesity epidemic before too long.

Gee, Childhood TV Boggles The Mind

25 Oct

Last night, a strange memory stirred within me.  I suddenly remembered that somewhere in my childhood, there was a big, comfy couch with a strange clown girl and talking dust mites.  And then it hit me – it was The Big Comfy Couch…a strange children’s television program that I had strategically pushed out of my mind.

It’s bizarre to look back and remember what we found entertaining as children.  At the age of six, I was captivated by this nonsensical show about the adventures of clown girl (Loonette is her name) and her dolly (Molly, of course) and the beings that lived in her couch.  I guess there were some educational elements thrown in about counting and friendship and whatnot.  As an adult, one would need a copious amounts of drugs to understand and embrace this show.  But as a child, it all made perfect sense.

Yeah, I thought that this was super cool:

And Wikipedia tells me that production of this Canadian gem of a show is ongoing after 17 years.  Thank goodness the crazy clown inspiration continues for new generations…

Gee, Talk About Bizarre Signage

13 Sep

This weekend, I encountered a few different signs that made me scratch my head in bewilderment.

While in the restroom at a local food establishment, I saw this sign posted above the sink:

But why, I wonder, would “Wash Hands” be in quotation marks?  They really must wash their hands, no ambiguity.  Please use water and soap.  My OCD side is going mad at the thought of all of the loopholes that might exist between those quotation marks…ICK.

And then there’s this little gem:

Poor Mocha!  Perhaps he ran off to escape body image issues?