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Gee, Gabe Saves The Day

7 Oct

After a long and stressful work week, crashing and burning felt like the only option when Friday night finally rolled around. Enter Gabe Dixon.

Gabe’s voice assumes the role of a positive friend, ready to soothe and inspire. Talk about the ultimate pick me up.

I first discovered Gabe a few years ago when I heard his optimistic tune “All Will Be Well” on a commercial for a short-lived TV drama. While the show didn’t strike a chord with me, the song did.

Gabe Dixon recently came out with an album entitled “One Spark” that is stocked with songs that simply feel like a cozy sweater. Settle in with this one: “Running on Fumes.”

Gee, I’m Craving Some De-Stress Tunes

26 Jan

With my final semester of college in full swing, I find myself in desperate need of some soothing music to ease the anxiety.  Enter William Fitzsimmons.  Amidst the reading and research and meetings, I tune to the William Fitzsimmons station on Pandora to maintain some semblance of sanity.  Listening to his voice is akin to taking a warm and peaceful bubble bath.

My original favorite is called “If You Would Come Back Home” from his 2008 album the Sparrow and the Crow.  The lyrics are soft and simple, and the video is full of rustic, reflective imagery.  Plus, it’s just extremely endearing that Fitzsimmons embodies the sensitive indie nerd with his thick brown beard and Wayfarer-framed glasses.

He’s currently touring in Europe with a number of sold out shows, including one in my beloved Brussels.  What a guy…