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Gee, Style Says It All

26 Feb

Style Collage

My latest collage sums up the power of fashion: “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” I partnered the statement with bold colors and classic images to give the words more power. It’s amazing just how powerful style is. It makes the introduction before a word is spoken. It can make you, and it can, unfortunately, break you. You can’t overthink it or you’ll betray your natural  character. Let your style speak up.

Gee, How About A Logo Upgrade?

28 May

I have been shopping at T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s for as long as I can remember. My mother always took me to these respectable bargain stores for great deals on quality designer duds. While I have grown and changed over the years, the logos have remained exactly the same.


There are certainly brands with iconic logos, but these are usually designers (i.e. Chanel, Louis Vuitton). But retail stores like Marshalls and T.J.’s have to keep up and continue to attract the average customers from season to season. While they have done this successfully, I think that sales might increase if they had more stylish and chic logos.

Bottom Line: These stores have maintained these stale logos for far too long. The Marshalls font is stark and retro looking, while the T.J.Maxx double x over lap is a point of kitchy frustration for me. The styles sold at the stores have managed to evolve and keep up from year to year, so why not go for a more fashionable promotional icon?

Gee, Tracy Reese Achieves Girly Sophistication

22 May

My stylish mother recently introduced me to fresh designer Tracy Reese when she purchased me one of her adorably classic frocks a few weeks ago. Her pieces strike the perfect balance between classic elegance and whimsical femininity.

The colors in her summer collection are soft and cool with a myriad of refreshing blues and whites. The styles are flowy and tasteful…an irresistible combination.

Reese positively perfects the summer’s delicate lace trend with dresses that boast flouncy hemlines and flattering cuts. I’m in love with the subtle sexiness of the low-cut back on the “Adison” shift dress.

Tracy Reese has three different yet equally enticing brands: Her classic “Feminine Luxe,” “plenty” for the “Modern Bohemian,” and “frock!” for “Eclectic Charm.”

Thanks to Tracy Reese, you can feel like a pretty lady without the confines of frilly fashion.  With such a timeless approach to dressing women, I think that Tracy Reese’s name will only rise in the world of women’s fashion.

Her pieces are available through her website, tracyreese.com, and also on shopstyle.com. Just from researching this post I’ve  added a number of Tracy Reese designs to my wish list…

Gee, Harem’s A Style Mystery

2 Oct

I just don’t get it.  Who looks at this picture and thinks, “Yes!  Those pants are perfect to wear out for Kimmy’s birthday on Friday!”…?  Or to any occasion, for that matter.  I simply do not understand.  They aren’t lounge-worthy, or casual wear suitable, and no way would I wear this out on the town or to work.  In fact, I would not want to wear them in public.  But that is just personal preference.

American Apparel Does the Harem

I ran across a pair on one of my favorite stylish shopping sites, but I’m just not buying it.  I don’t care that my favorite designers are manufacturing them.  Are they so comfortable that you just don’t care that it looks like there is a droopy abyss lurking between your thighs?  If someone knows the answer, please explain.