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Gee, Where Did The Summer Go?

8 Sep

So we didn’t have much of a summer here in Atlanta with week after week of rainy weather. The fall snuck up on us, and suddenly pumpkin spice is available at Starbucks (love the new #PSL campaign, by the way), the Ravens are back on the field, and the kiddos are back in school. And Christmas is tomorrow. Well, not quite, but it sure will feel that way.

Bohzie girl - superstar chug and latest addition!

Bohzie girl – superstar chug and latest addition!

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front as my life has been a bit chaotic and full of change – in some very good and exciting ways! From my new job to my new pup, I have certainly had my hands full. But I hope to jump back on the blog train and share more art, music, and life musings.

The purpose of today’s post: to introduce you to my new little shop on Society 6!

Available for purchase on Society 6!

Available for purchase on Society 6!

My collage art has always been my therapy, and I love creating custom pieces to share and gift to family and friends. With my Society 6 shop, I can now share these pieces with the world. I only have two up so far, but I hope to be adding more in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Gee, It’s Time To Be A Summer Child

24 May

The summer season is upon us. The time of warm nights, pleasure reading, those reliable flip flops, and carefree spirit. Year after year, summer evokes a sense of youthful bliss. No matter how old I get, I never want to lose touch with this summer spirit.

I have always loved summer fashion. As a little girl, I relished in the sweet and vibrant styles of the warm summer months: the free flowing “twirly skirts,” the pretty girl “babin’ suits,” and of course the sparkly pink jelly sandals. Oh yes, summer fashion was certainly a treat.

Just because I’ve grown up a bit, in both size and style, doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with my summer wardrobe. I still love frilly bathing suits, though I prefer the two piece nowadays. The example on the right is a clutch Target purchase…proving fun summer suits don’t have to cost a fortune.

Summer is also a good season to bring out the vibrant, flashy colors that tend to hibernate during the winter months. The pages of Vogue and InStyle are filled with bright colors like marigold and cobalt blue.

Summer is definitely not a “no frills” season. Embrace your inner child, and let some playful energy into your wardrobe. But please, skip the pink jellies.

Gee, Tracy Reese Achieves Girly Sophistication

22 May

My stylish mother recently introduced me to fresh designer Tracy Reese when she purchased me one of her adorably classic frocks a few weeks ago. Her pieces strike the perfect balance between classic elegance and whimsical femininity.

The colors in her summer collection are soft and cool with a myriad of refreshing blues and whites. The styles are flowy and tasteful…an irresistible combination.

Reese positively perfects the summer’s delicate lace trend with dresses that boast flouncy hemlines and flattering cuts. I’m in love with the subtle sexiness of the low-cut back on the “Adison” shift dress.

Tracy Reese has three different yet equally enticing brands: Her classic “Feminine Luxe,” “plenty” for the “Modern Bohemian,” and “frock!” for “Eclectic Charm.”

Thanks to Tracy Reese, you can feel like a pretty lady without the confines of frilly fashion.  With such a timeless approach to dressing women, I think that Tracy Reese’s name will only rise in the world of women’s fashion.

Her pieces are available through her website, tracyreese.com, and also on shopstyle.com. Just from researching this post I’ve  added a number of Tracy Reese designs to my wish list…