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Gee, New Fashion Channels Classic Beauty

6 Jul

Collaging is my all time favorite hobby. It not only indulges my love for fashion, but it feeds my creative energy. What could be better?

With this collage, I highlighted soft, rosy pinks with a contrast of dark grays and greens. The focal images are strikingly similar in subtle ways. I love how the quirky, modern sunglasses evoke a classic femininity and elegance matched in the female portrait on the right.

Keep your eyes open – you never know when fashionpiration will strike.

Gee, Shady Biz Brightens My World

19 Oct

I am addicted to sunglasses.  I love the different shapes and styles and colors.  The possibilities are endless, and I cannot get enough of them.

They don’t have to be super fancy and expensive.  The $5 variety is totally fine by me.  It’s more about the character.  Every now and then I’ll splurge on a nice pair (i.e. my Marc Jacobs aviators circa 2008), but not necessary.

Though I am craving a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers right now…but for now, my fun, cheap, and cute Urban Outfitters pair will have to do.  And I’m pretty okay with that.  After all, I’m much less likely to have a meltdown when I clumsily break or lose these babies.