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Gee, Who Needs Scary When You Can Go Mad?

31 Oct

I went for a mad costume this year by dressing up as a Mad Men character…no one in particular, just one of Don Draper’s nameless ladies, of course.  I wish I had had more time to dress it up and go all out, but I lacked some motivation without a Don Draper partner.  I teased up my hair and pulled out my vintage dress from Debois which I bought this summer.

Speaking of Mad Men…what is Don Draper doing?!  I am still baffled by his proposal on the October 17th finale.  Is Don just trying to replace the memory of Anna with the fantasy of Megan?  Is he setting his expectations for her too high?  Is he even capable of a meaningful relationship?  Until next season…

Gee, Childhood TV Boggles The Mind

25 Oct

Last night, a strange memory stirred within me.  I suddenly remembered that somewhere in my childhood, there was a big, comfy couch with a strange clown girl and talking dust mites.  And then it hit me – it was The Big Comfy Couch…a strange children’s television program that I had strategically pushed out of my mind.

It’s bizarre to look back and remember what we found entertaining as children.  At the age of six, I was captivated by this nonsensical show about the adventures of clown girl (Loonette is her name) and her dolly (Molly, of course) and the beings that lived in her couch.  I guess there were some educational elements thrown in about counting and friendship and whatnot.  As an adult, one would need a copious amounts of drugs to understand and embrace this show.  But as a child, it all made perfect sense.

Yeah, I thought that this was super cool:

And Wikipedia tells me that production of this Canadian gem of a show is ongoing after 17 years.  Thank goodness the crazy clown inspiration continues for new generations…

Gee, What A Mad World

25 Jul

It’s finally here!  AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” returns tonight with the season 4 premiere at 10pm ET.

Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m a “Mad Men” junky.  My mother got me hooked after she lent me seasons 1 and 2.  But how could I not get sucked in?  The characters are enticing and bizarre, each with their own secrets and demons in an era that is obsessed with keeping up appearances and looking like the Cleavers.  Each one is absolutely mad, but they hide it with makeup, fancy drinks, and fake smiles.  Every day is a balancing act as they try to keep it all together.

The “Mad Men Unbuttoned” blog does a remarkable job of highlighting the intricacies time period.  It is a fantastic “Romp Through 1960’s America” that really analyzes the culture of this hit series.  Recently, the blog became a book…so it’s gotta be pretty good.  Check it out!

One of my favorite blogging projects, the “fabulous and opinionated” Tom & Lorenzo, are all over “Mad Men” fashion and news.  They hold nothing back in their brutally honest reviews, which is why I adore them.  Lucky for us, they got to check out an early premiere of this mesmerizing show.  All I can say is this little snippet has me on the edge of my seat:

“Trust us, it was one of the best episodes of the show we’d ever seen. Really. There wasn’t one boring moment or wasted line and pretty much every character got a brief moment in the spotlight.”

It’s gonna be mad…