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Gee, Let’s Cue The Feel-Good Tune

30 Jan

Tornado warnings/watches, blustery winds, and wet weather tore through the ATL today. The air was thick, gloomy, and slightly chaotic. Such a day undoubtedly calls for a good pick-me-up.

Cue the feel-good tune from a Fine Frenzy. A few months ago, Kelsey and I saw Joshua Radin in concert. We were pretty pumped to see our favorite Simon and Garfunkel-esque singer/songwriter perform live, but we were equally delighted with the performance from his opening lady Alison Sudol (aka a Fine Frenzy). She’s bubbly, energetic, and carefree. The best performance of the set? Her single “Now Is The Start“. She was all smiles, glowing and alive as she bounced around the stage and encouraged the crowd to join in.



On a gray and dreary day like today, I felt that this song would be just the thing to lift spirits and shine some positive vibes through the negative gloom. Listen, smile, and soak it in.

Gee, Gabe Saves The Day

7 Oct

After a long and stressful work week, crashing and burning felt like the only option when Friday night finally rolled around. Enter Gabe Dixon.

Gabe’s voice assumes the role of a positive friend, ready to soothe and inspire. Talk about the ultimate pick me up.

I first discovered Gabe a few years ago when I heard his optimistic tune “All Will Be Well” on a commercial for a short-lived TV drama. While the show didn’t strike a chord with me, the song did.

Gabe Dixon recently came out with an album entitled “One Spark” that is stocked with songs that simply feel like a cozy sweater. Settle in with this one: “Running on Fumes.”

Gee, Caffeinated Chill Sounds Good To Me

22 Sep

In the midst of crazy schedule and numerous life changes, music helps me keep me from losing my mind. There’s nothing like a fresh playlist of solid tunes to help get me up and moving. Discovering new sounds gives me something to look forward to every day. Oh how I love the little things…

This week’s new musical journey brought me to Lana Del Rey. Apparently she has risen to fame through the magical internet land, and I can see why. The indie singer has a sultry edge to her sound that is calm yet bold. The talented songstress even produces her own music videos. Her video for the single “Video Games” is particularly intriguing. My new favorite from her is called “Diet Mtn Dew.” Check it out. My little gift to you.

Gee, Clap Along To This Jam

15 Jun

Pearl and the Beard‘s jam “Sweetness” is utterly contagious with its steady clapping beat and melodic chords. I especially love the trio’s combination of strong male and female vocals. It’s upbeat and fun with just enough edge. A great middle-of-the-week pick-me-up. The captivating rhythm has the power to send you from hand-clapping to jumping around your room without a care in the world.

At the very least, this tune might make you want to adopt “Sweetness” as a pet name for your significant other. Cute? Nauseating? Awesome.

I strongly encourage you to visit Pearl and the Beard’s website. To top off their musical talents, they seem like a fun bunch. Their “About” section concludes with a statement that says it all: “Pearl and the Beard loves you the way you’ve always been.” I dig it.

Gee, I’m Liking Lykke

27 Oct

Of course, the Hype Machine delivers more solid tunes.  With some guidance from the site’s brilliant list of popular songs, I found and downloaded Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some“.  She’s got a smoothly smoky voice that floats over steady drum beats.  And the lyrics are simple but catchy.  Enjoy the abstract video…I’m gonna go find some more Lykke tracks and put off my studies.

Happy Pre-Hallow Hump Day!