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Gee, Judith Marches Into My Heart

7 Feb

Americasmart apparel market in Atlanta was an overwhelming and inspiring experience to say the very least.  Beija-Flor had an excellent showing as we introduced the world to the wonders of our new POD jeans …gotta love the Pull-On-Denim!

I was mesmerized by the eclectic assortment of fashions to be found around every corner.  From leather corsets to boho blouses, the market had every style covered.  I was pleased to notice that many booths featured flowy tiered tops.

One such booth really caught my eye with their soft and whimsical pieces.  It was that of Judith March – a stunning young contemporary collection by Stephanie Nichols that is truly a breath of fresh air with elegant yet delicate touches.  The look is vintage, yet timeless.  I am certainly going to look out for the Judith March fashions in the future.  This brand is on the rise.


Gee, Beija-Flor Brings Jean Joy

29 Nov

Last week, I was lucky enough to be in Greenville for the Beija-Flor jeans warehouse sale.  The tiny space off of Augusta was filled with hundreds of pairs of gorgeous denim masterpieces.  It was heavenly.  The fabric is soft and breathable, and the cuts are flattering.  The majority of the sale jeans were flare styles, but they design all styles and cuts.  They even make my absolute favorite style – the jegging!  I had some trouble finding a good pair of flares for my body (they fit in the waist and fell baggy around my legs), but I stumbled upon a cozy pair of bootcut jeans that had a smooth and comfortable fit.

I got my pair for an incredible $20…and absolute steal!  When I slide them on, I can tell that these Brazilian beauties will be a staple item in my closet for a good while.  I hope that once I get out of college and get a real job (fingers crossed), I can indulge in another pair or two to round out my closet.  I can’t wait to see the popularity of this quality brand grow in the years to come!